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Surprise! There's a New Fic Up! · 7:41pm July 31st


I know, this is a surprise to just about everyone. My Alpha and Beta Readers included. In fact, they never saw it. Why? Well ... because I wrote it yesterday, in a single sitting, for a contest that's ending today.

Yeah, kind of under the gun. I had the idea way back when the contest first was announced, but I've been busy with Starforge (getting another novel draft done, especially a trilogy ender, is kind of important). But then on Wednesday I actually finished that project. Took Thursday off (I needed the break) and then yesterday decided to give life to this little idea I'd had.

It's not long. Like Tirek is Doomed, this is a story that once it came to my mind I knew I wanted to write it.

So go give it a look and see what you think. Have a great weekend!

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That is a surprise.

Good luck in the contest!

I didn't say anything (except to a few people in a writing discord) simply because I didn't know if I'd have the chance to do it. But hey, now everyone gets a present!

Now into the feature box with you, fic!

And into the feature box it has gone!

Best with the contest and I’ll have to give it a read tomorrow... unless i find i can’t fall asleep until i do tonight.

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