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    Here's something else that's fun

    This guy, banquo0 (I swear I've heard that name before, but his Fimfic account is pretty much empty) does this fun series of videos that I will now share with you all after my friend shared them with me. :)

    Here's the first vid, they're short:

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    I'll say this much for AppleDash:

    The fanart's gotten amazing since the show ended.

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    Fic recs, September 5th!

    If you're in a position to help out folks in need, please check out FOME's post about some people who could use some assistance due to Hurricane Ida.

    Eyyyyy, Scribbler read my story ACT OF WILL! :D I'm so pumped, it's great.

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    How the fuckity fuck is it almost September already? D: Where'd this year go? Ugh.

    That's kind of been my S.O.P. lately, wondering where time has gone. Maybe I'm in one of those midlife crises I hear so much about. :( I've certainly come down with old man problems just recently! The less said about those, the better for you! :D

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State of the Writer, July 2021 · 3:34pm July 31st


I actually wrote a story!

It's been done for a couple days now, I've just been waffling on whether or not to look for feedback before posting it. Also pondering whether I want to commission a cover art. Also being distracted by SCP stuff. <.<

Anyway, here it is, if you feel like taking a look. Let me know your Fimfic name if you comment and it's different from your Google account name, so I can give credit where it's due. :)

That's literally it, though. My current plan is to read a whole bunch of SCPs, then write a bunch and post them. :B We'll see if that actually happens beyond the first one. Assuming I can even get that much done. I don't have a good track record lately, is the point.

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Comments ( 10 )

That was quite a yarn.

I've been trying to write an SCP for a year now. It's not that I can't, it's that I never get the confirmation email to finish setting my account up. I think I have a fantastic one in mind, I just can't get an account set up!

iisaw #3 · July 31st · · ·

Nice! Perfectly captures the friendly, sweet, cozy, nightmarish town of Ponyville. :pinkiehappy:


I'll take a look and see what I think! I just so happened to finally finish one of my own stories today:

Sunday in the Park with Sunset

I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with for an pony SCP: there's certainly precedent for that sort of thing in cannon and no shortage of dangerous magical being to try and contain. I'm not well read in SCP's but I have enjoyed some of the ones I've encountered, especially the concept of the "cognitohazard", because I find the idea of a monster where the danger is thinking about it fascinating.

Author Interviewer

How strange. How many times have you tried?

I wouldn't write a straight-up pony SCP. I mean, I've read a few fanfics here that do that, and some are good and most are not. <.< Closest I'd ever come is one I tried to post years ago that's a stealth IWTCIRD meme.

4-5, I think, with more than one email address.

Author Interviewer

geez c.c I dunno what to tell you, other than maybe try asking in #site17 on the chat.

Author Interviewer

Warning, rabbit hole incoming: http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/

Be more than happy to co-author one, if you'd like.

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