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    I'll say this much for AppleDash:

    The fanart's gotten amazing since the show ended.

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    Fic recs, September 5th!

    If you're in a position to help out folks in need, please check out FOME's post about some people who could use some assistance due to Hurricane Ida.

    Eyyyyy, Scribbler read my story ACT OF WILL! :D I'm so pumped, it's great.

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    Fic recs, September 1st!

    Happy September, I guess! :B Let's start the month off with five random stories. One was a prequel to something on my audiobook list, so I wanted to get this out quickly. Also, because I'm maybe halfway through the contest edition I'm still working on. D: I might do another plain review blog before I start the audiobooks, we'll see.

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    State of the Writer, August 2021!

    How the fuckity fuck is it almost September already? D: Where'd this year go? Ugh.

    That's kind of been my S.O.P. lately, wondering where time has gone. Maybe I'm in one of those midlife crises I hear so much about. :( I've certainly come down with old man problems just recently! The less said about those, the better for you! :D

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    Fic recs, August 29th!

    You know what just turned ten years old? Rainbow Factory. Yeah. And in celebration, its author is hosting a writing contest! Details can be found here!

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Fic recs, July 30th: SJF95fighter/MrLeftTurn edition! · 11:59pm July 30th

Our next reader is SJF95fighter, who hasn't uploaded a fic reading in three years or a video at all in 6 months, so I don't hold out hope for more. :B He's only got five other readings past the one I reviewed previously, including Final Draft's A Generic Story, so I am adding in MrLeftTurn, who only has four. The last one isn't finished, however, and though it looks like he's still active, I'm also not gonna hold out hope for more.

H: 1 R: 0 C: 2 V: 2 N: 2

Imaginary Friend by Mr101
Reading by SJF95fighter with Lexxi
Mature: Gore
Genre: Creepypasta
Milano has always wished her son Button Mash would make more friends. It's just too bad the one he made was imaginary.
You know, I was enjoying this up until I checked the description more closely and saw it's just a retelling of an existing creepypasta. That explains not only the tropeyness, but also the feeling that this was an original story with ponies added in so it could be posted on Fimfic. Just, y'know, without the 'original' part. It's a shame, because I was charmed by the telephone conversation Button's mom has with her husband near the start. And, like, this actually could have been decent even with just being a barely ponified takeoff of something else, save that the author went for the "bloodier = scarier" route. Also, I had to laugh at the part where Button's mom is diagnosed with "insanity". Good job, doctor. An effort was made, but this just isn't good.
Not Recommended

Regrets by Inky Shades
Reading by SJF95fighter
Genre: Dark/Sad
A stallion waits for the world to end.
This is something of a meditation on death told by an unnamed OC, along with a bit of his backstory leading up to the titular bout of regrets. It's comparable to that story I read last time about the dying human soldier.
Recommended If You Like Thinking About Death

You'll Float Too! by dietcokewithlime
Reading by SJF95fighter
400th Review of 2021!
Genre: IT Crossover/Parody
Discord's boring day is livened up by a friendly clown living in the sewer.
I've never seen or watched Stephen King's IT, but I've absorbed enough of it through pop culture osmosis that I recognize this for what it is. Take that first scene of a child discovering Pennywise, replace the child with Discord, and you suddenly have comedic gold. It's just tremendous to see Pennywise try to play the scary clown while Discord is just having none of it. I haven't laughed this hard at a fic in ages, this was fantastic.
Highly Recommended

One Night you should NOT forget… by bronypanda
Reading by SJF95fighter, CoderCoco and Celaena Winters
Genre: Rom-Com
I kind of wasn't paying attention to the reading, so I went and read the story myself, and ouch. The formatting is abysmal. Lends itself well to readings, but still. Anyway, this is basically "Women, fellas, am I right?" the fanfic. Old, tired, outdated, never funny to begin with. Don't get married if you don't actually like the person you're marrying, okay? Okay.
Not Recommended

The Loudest Quiet by Dixie Darlin
Reading by MrLeftTurn
Genre: Sad Shipping
She lost him, though she never had him to begin with.
Wow, Fanfiction.net fanfic. Whoda thunk? Anyway, this is really short, but I liked it because Dislestia > Fluttercord, get rekt :V
Recommended for Shippers Only

Equestria Girls: Proper Hair Care by Blackbird2
Reading by MrLeftTurn
Genre: EQG Shipping/Comedy
Twilight finds something unusual in Sunset's bathroom.
This is just a "bacon hair" joke fic. That's literally all there is to it. Sunset's hair doesn't look like bacon, people. Knock it off. Also, the writing's kinda telly.
Vaguely Recommended

Unattainable by Dixie Darlin
Reading by MrLeftTurn
Genre: Sad Shipping
Why'd Twilight have to fall for the wrong Flash Sentry?
So, number one, I can't really see Twilight mooning over Flash Sentry like this. Maybe it's because Equestria Girls was a long time ago at this point. (Ugh.) But secondly, this is kind of the exact same story as the other one? Same tone and narrative voice despite being about Twilight instead of Fluttershy. It's longer, but it doesn't really go anywhere with the extra word count. So I can't say I was thrilled by it.
Vaguely Recommended

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iisaw #1 · July 31st · · ·

PresentPerfect's ratings be like:
Recommended If You Like Having Intestinal Parasites

But, seriously, that IT story was freakin' hillarious! :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

Isn't it? I was floored. :D

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