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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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    Zombie Family Dinner

    “Finally! I’ve been wanting some Olive Garden for weeks. How’re you feeling, Bezzy?”

    “Pretty good…” she looked at the young zombie nymph sitting next to her. Dante smiled softly. 

    “Aaaand what about you, scoundrel?”

    Zombiewings took a sip of her drink. “…I’ll take it.” he gave a supportive grin and nod, patting her on the head before focusing on his slice of lasagna. 

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  • Today
    Thistle and Midnight’s Reunion In A Nutshell:

    “What’s up guys? I’m back.”

    “What the- you can’t be here. You’re dead. I literally saw you die.”

    “Death is a social construct.”

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  • Today
    Looks like I’m continuing this—

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  • Saturday
    Guess what, Drawception?

    I’m back.

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  • Saturday
    More Incorrect Change Gang Quotes:

    Spiny: “So apparently the 'bad vibes' I’ve been feeling are actually severe psychological distress”

    Venom: “So that’s my plan.”

    Cricket: “Are you alright with constructive criticism? I don’t want to sound mean.”

    Venom: “No, go ahead, I want to hear it.”

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Imgbb is working for me again. Hooray! · 7:18pm July 30th

So here’s the image from yesterday in a much, much higher quality:

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