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Random Ramblings CDXV · 11:54pm Jul 29th, 2021

I didn't want to make a blog post until I had writing to post. Well, I did that. Hooray? Enjoy this:

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Unlike me, they care about the quality of their work. More past the jump.

The first question you MUST be asking is, "What the ever-loving fuck did Soufriere just post? This barely qualifies as a story! It's stupid!" To all of that I say… you're absolutely right. I basically wanted to prove I'm still alive with minimal effort on my part.

I am in fact slowly working on other stories with WAY more effort put into them. But here, I just wanted to get to a thousand words and stop. Awakening/Reset was written in two goes (I got sleepy during the first try) about three days apart with almost no editing. So OF COURSE it's going to be shit.

I'm not sorry though. Really the whole thing is an allegory for my own absence and how I've allowed my 5+ years of writing on this site to sit stagnant. Yes, I've had a lot of LIFE (fuck that noise) happen to me in the nearly a year since my dad died. Some of it is still happening. I wrote a drunken blogpost detailing it but then I deleted it. That's why the blog/diary numbering might be off.

Really, though. Should I bother? There are so many more stories I want to tell, but G4 is dead and buried with G5 on the way. I'm reasonably certain it won't suck, but I'm just as certain they're not going to catch lightning in a bottle twice. G4 was the right cartoon at the right time for a LOT of people tired of the cynicism, hypocrisy, and hyper-masculinity of the Christian Right who ran things in the W.Bush era (the Trump regime was worse in every way of course, except he had pushback from Day 0).

Yes, the shithole world that Sunset sees outside her window is a direct parallel to the January 6th "People's Coup" attempt at the US Capitol. Orangeglow is still alive in this 1000-word timeline and he had Hugo Boss design snazzy black uniforms with red caps for goose-stepping soldiers. Canterville -- I think I'm going to change that name, I've never liked it -- is basically Lafayette Square after Trump & Barr ordered the gassing of peaceful protesters (yes they were, I watched the horror unfold live).

How to return to the insane universe I created? Send in the Doctor, of course! Hey, I've done worse cop-outs and y'all know it.

Anyway, I'm back now. Sorry it took so long. Next story update will, I hope, be better quality.

Peace out.

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