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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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    Horse Riding has been updated

    I just updated horse riding. I hope you enjoy.

    This story was meant to be a short one-shot. But I feel it needs... to be bigger.

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    Horse Riding

    I feel like expanding upon this story with more, or a big chapter. And expand in more ways... than one. Also, it somehow got featured. The story is no longer under the complete tag.

    What do you think of this plan?

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    Ponies reactions to a human eating meat?

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    Too much big pony. Back to normal-sized ponies. I've been making so many big pone stories recently. Maybe some silly interactions or whatever with a human. But no more elephant-sized ponies or bigger with growth. At least for a while. Nearly every story I've had made recently has huge ponies.

    I made my point. There are big pones in my stories. I'm taking a break from making big pone stories.

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    If Rome never existed?

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Imagine insulting your fans? · 6:49am July 29th

I wonder what would happen?

Just imagine it for one second I call you (and non fans of mine for not being fans of me) every name (and use every buzzword) under the sun for not liking my stories, or whatever. Let's say I make a new story that is disliked a lot, and I decide to be an idiot by throwing a temper tantrum. You know, instead of actually listening to advice. Even if it comes across as nonconstructive criticism at times. Honestly, though, I want to be told I suck if my story sucks.

Granted, many a story of mine is done deliberately bad for simply the lolz. And also, I will write stories I know will get lots of dislikes, such as growth fics.

Report Bendy · 139 views · #fans #criticism
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This is about Blizzard isn't it?

Bendy #2 · July 29th · · ·

A mix of things. Kavan Smith in He-Man, Dinsey Star Wars, etcetera.

All these things have something in common. Insulting the fans.

sykko #3 · July 29th · · ·

This smells of Activision Blizzard, but I have the feeling the Games Workshop might follow that example too.

Well, what happens is that the creator starts (or continues) to view their fans in an adversarial way. They're no longer people to be pleased, consulted, and cherished; they're the enemy and anything they want should be removed from whatever the creation is in order to spite them. It's self-destructive and I don't think I've ever actually seen a creator stop going down that path once they start. It's especially harmful for the creator if the reason they come to view their fans as the enemy is because of comments or views pushed by people who don't even consume that medium; the classic "get woke go broke" scenario. The people scolding the creator for whatever reason were never going to purchase or consume or enjoy the thing being created, and catering to them just alienates the people who were going to enjoy it.

I have not been paying attention to Activision Blizzard controversy very much. All I'll say is evidence is needed to win. Not hearsay nonsense. If the evidence is lacking, it will be just thrown out of court.

Yeah, it happened so many times recently. It's funny.

I think they don't even care about the money loss either it seems. Or the fact they destroyed a fandom basically.

People just don't like being wrong and will do whatever they can to prove it, even if it harms the subject of criticism. The kind of patience, care, and understanding required to turn it into a learning experience is too complex and not emotionally gratifying enough for too many people.

more than once i've personally been dumb enough to not stop and think over about stuff I wrote or created, took me way too long to learn to stop that stuff.

Havent you heard? Insulting fans is the new normal. /s

Bendy #9 · July 29th · · ·

Well, it depends. My stuff is free for you to read. It be another story if I expected to buy my stuff when it was awful and insult you for not liking it.

That said, nothing should stop you from writing an edgy story if need be.

And they don't care about the money either it seems. XD

I'd have to imagine having fans, first. :pinkiecrazy:

What would happen if you did that ?
If you lashed out ?

Well I would legitimately be concerned for you because I know that’s not what you are normally like.
I’d guess that you suffered a real whammy in the real world and the effects leaked online.

You know that happened to me recently. In your blog actually.
And there was another time after I worked a double shift (and had no sleep) then misconstrued someone’s comment. And apologised for being a dick soon after. That was in Super Trampoline’s blog.

I wouldn’t call it an excuse, but there is generally a reason behind a normally decent person losing it or snapping.

Oh, you.

Yeah, I think sometimes we make foolish mistakes. We only human after all.

Well, I have pretty thick skin when it comes to being cursed at, and sometimes I forget that I am not everybody;
I was once so bluntly reminded of that when I was heavily critiquing / mocking someone's fanfic because of the insane spelling errors, I remember using a few cuss words aimed directly at the author and their intelligence.

That was a few years back, and I still regret being such a prick to that author.

I suppose both fans and creators should not be too harsh with each other as it can really cause some serious issues.

I think the thin skin people are somewhat ruining the fun for everyone else on the Internet. It's just angry words on a screen after all.

Granted, there should be safe spaces if you wish to avoid trolls.

I have done that, when people give me advice, I don't that

Or maybe it was about Games Workshop. :raritydespair:


So in short, basically this?

Wow. I started watching that and my jaw dropped.
That is nuts.

It is like Star Trek banning Trekkies from conventions if their cosplay uniforms don’t meet show specifications.
Only the TRUE image made by the company is fit to exist.

Way to disenfranchise a fanbase.

Meanwhile, over in Blizzard HQ... :pinkiesick:

Pretty insane when you think about it.

I wonder if they'll come crawling back if their sales fail?

As for Blizzard. They are no longer Blizzard. They are a zombie company taken over by Activision.

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