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  • Today
    Shhh 🤫

    Don’t tell them it was me

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  • Today
    Okay so like

    I just got back from a jog and holy shit my fucking cankles

    But I digress

    I’m gonna try and make Discord my home site since I have more friends on there- fimfic hasn’t really caused me anything more than stress and anxiety, as well as there being pretty much nothing to get me outta my year long funk.

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  • Today

    The Reaper Nurse from Dark Deception is played by Tara Strong


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  • Monday
    Made a new friend today

    His name’s Clinton and he’s pretty cool actually. We played GTA together and made a ton of gay jokes lol. Now we’re obligating ourselves to make barrel jokes in every class we’re in.

    He helped me knock a ton of missions out and now we’re doing the Diamond Casino heist tomorrow. So that’s cool too. Hopefully I can make another tomorrow.

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  • Monday
    I just came back from my second jog

    Holy shit my calves

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Welp · 5:45pm July 28th

School's starting soon and my mom and I are looking over my course schedule. I wanna take more advanced classes because of my current grade levels so I can stay two steps ahead. I think I have the option to take a foreign language class as well, as long as I'm an "honor" student, which my mom and I have absolutely no idea what qualifies as one. Still, we're thinking of signing me up for Algebra 1 at a higher grade level so that I can proceed to Geometry and Algebra 2 in the honor classes and stuff. So far that's pretty much all I'm worried about since, from an academic perspective, English and Math are kind of the only courses that really matter. History too, if you're looking at enlisting. So I'll make sure to pay close attention to that too.

But I also wanna see if they have any physics classes. Like, seriously. Physics and engineering is my absolute freaking jam. Unfortunately, I don't know the flavor of that jam.

Horrible metaphor, let me start over.

I don't know anything about physics nor engineering. But I know that they're both gonna be things that I want to learn. Or maybe I just have a particular fetish for long equations. That being said, that's everything I think is gonna go on with me this year.

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Comments ( 9 )

That's great mijo!

Good luck, buddy.



Ye. In hindsight this all sounds like a lot but I'm honestly just excited for the challenge. The thought of studying and being met with difficulty meant to be overcome just turns me on for some reason.

*pats him* heh, good for you Griff! nothing better than a good old challenge!

Glad to see you’re keeping an open mind.

Heh, that's my smart mijo

Wanting to challenge yourself is a GREAT mindset.
Just be careful you don't get TOO in over your head, and IF you do, DONT get dissuaded... push through.

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