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New Song inspired by Speak Not This Tale · 11:18pm July 27th

Artist Korroki sent me this today, and I'm splitting my cheeks with this grin. They were inspired by Speak Not This Tale to make a new deathstep track! That's right, a new song!

It's not a genre I'm used to but I'm ecstatic regardless. Check it out on their Soundcloud and send them some support!

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That's awesome, congrats!! It's a really cool piece - might whip up a soundcloud account to let the artist know

Ok, I must say, it’s an interesting... sound choice, but it does work in this setting.

aaaaaa thank you for the shout out! ^_^

So, umm some backstory, heh:
I literally pieced that together as a 45-minute shot after reading the fic, since it got me fxcked up pretty hard. (and I had limited time to dedicate to it since it was midnight already) After I was done reading I went to the bathroom, realized I was devoid of emotion, and at that moment I realized I didn't want to just let it sit in my head like that. So I pushed out some noise.

Bro... this whole thing is honestly such a wicked vibe D: XD

But despite its wickedness, I really fxcks with it heavy. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm definitely gonna add some more stuff to the project, clean up the sounds and add in a sub. etc, etc I would like to get it to a point where I can put it on an EP if I wanted to. :v

Again, thank you! ^-^

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