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  • Thursday
    Griff’s PSA (EqG)

    ”It isn’t very manly for a woman to have to cook for and clean after you. I’m Griff Adler, and I recommend this special technique to make you more manly!”

    Griff tugged Metamorphosis into view.

    ”Marry a man and have him cook and clean after you!”

    ”…Griffy, who are you talking to?”

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  • Wednesday
    Just had a conversation with my mom

    She’s gonna talk to my therapist to see if he can recommend a psychologist!

    This is a good thing.

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  • Wednesday
    If there’s one thing I hate about my mom

    It’s that she gets pissed when one thing goes wrong with my schedule. I was twenty minutes late to a class because I got the time wrong. And even though I participated and completed the assignment she still gets pissy with me and says I can’t be on my phone after school.

    She still fucking grills me about my math grade like it’s her fucking priority what I do.

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  • Wednesday
    Dare me to drive?

    Lol just kidding. My mom just wanted me to crank the car up for her. Busy day today since I woke up this effin’ early.

    Strawberry Watermelon Rise kind of tastes like carbonated chapstick. Eugh. But I’m definitely awake now.

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  • Wednesday
    Boy is a geek

    We’ll not talk about how one of his legs completely disappears behind the other. Now I definitely think this lil’ gremlin is ready for the voice of Mabel Pines lol. Whaddya’ll think?

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I just woke up from a nap · 9:51pm July 27th

Each time I wake up I feel ten times more old and grey than before. To be honest I’m always tired and I always find time to catch a nap, but by the time I do I feel ten times more tired

It’s like falling slower and slower into a pit of quicksand. The sandman’s sand. You just get more tired and more tired, and your mind becomes a foggy, graceful sauna that you have fun with your first time visiting but gets bigger and bigger the more you find yourself in it. It’s harder to navigate than before and it’s weird and uncomfortable.

Things disappear. And then you forget who you are.

It’s a weird feeling honestly…my mom’s given me a lot to hope for.

Through this odd sauna she’s been something to cling on. She’s working for me. She’s got a goal to get me back in society by the end of the year. And if she doesn’t she promises she’ll plan something every two months for us to do.

My hands at this point feel all wrinkly and old and everything is humid and I feel like I’m melting. But I still cling onto her.

At this moment I’m very reminiscent of how her old work uniforms used to smell. Burger King, 7-Eleven…

…they smelled like her being home and my joy when she brought me a new item from her job.

I’ve never felt so old and sunken before.

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*Holds tight*



I guess I can’t describe it any better than that

Good enough…

*Hugs* mijo, it's going to be okay...

You’re not the only one who feels that they’re getting old too quickly… if that’s what’s going on.

No no, it’s alright. Thanks for trying to understand though, I appreciate you reading.

It’s no problem. I honestly wish I was able to relate. I mean, I do feel like I’m getting old. And we all are.

Here is to hoping I understand this correctly...
If I don't, I'm sorry.

I'm sure she will find something... and I hope she enjoys it. If she doesn't enjoy it, I hope she can hold on long enough to find something she does enjoy enough.

and don't worry, just as clear skies don't last forever, neither does the "fog". This state of lethargy, of tiredness, of weakness... it will pass with a bit of effort and time.

I, myself, was getting bad for a while there... spending more and more time in bed. Wanting to call in, but not doing so because there is no one to cover me. One by one, All of the people I have trained at work leave before long... 8 now... I have no help, the stress piled up more and more... then I broke, no more stress, just tiredness and sadness... I started to do a bad job myself, and then fell into a dark place. Months went by and it felt like I was in a dream while not at work, a dream I couldn't remember...

I am only just now pulling myself out... please... wake up! Do something, enjoy something.
Times like these will only last forever if you let them. Life can be hard sometimes, and sometimes it seems like it picks on others more. But you have to see and memorize the good moments, not let them get lost in the fog.

Also, naps are terible! You only start actually sleeping after the first hour or two... thats why your body wants to sleep more after interrupting it.

Thank you so much. Also, naps are great! Until you wake up.

:ajsmug: Exactly, because it wasn't sleep. :trollestia:
:rainbowlaugh: sorry.
I hope you have a good day today. If not, try to make it a good day.

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