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I should be working · 1:51pm Jul 27th, 2021

Instead, I'm watching movie trailers.

I am a sucker for nostalgia bait. Helps that it looks like it might actually be good this time.

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no one should be working

work is bad :(

Ghostbusters films are a balancing act: Humor vs Reality vs Fear. GB captured lighting in a bottle and did it all. GB2 'showed the shark' too early and never really got into the humor section. Girls GB hammered the humor section and forgot about everything else.

This has promise. The trailer is nicely balanced. Assigning a few shekels out of my allowance for it.


>Raymond Stanz


>multiple characters with specialized skills coming together and saving the day as a team

>a coherent plot that follows a competent script

i am excite

I am a sucker for nostalgia bait.


I seriously hope...
I can't claim to be some overt fan, but I seen both original movie and sequel as a kid many, many times, and 2016 was just abomination

please let it be at least decent popcron flick

Unfortunately it's where the money is.

ye, this and the earlier trailer felt way better. I'm torn between optimism and cynicism: i want it to be nice, but I'm low-key expecting another blast of excrement to the face until I've seen positive reviews from people I trust.

Slimer. Possibly.


(Also don't get me started on what they did to the new He Man cartoon...)

I never saw 2016. The trailer was enough to nope me out.

5560930 Like World War Z, where the trailer had all the good scenes in the whole movie. Effectively, they made a very good four-minute movie and padded it out with a bunch of drek.

I've been looking forward to this movie for over a f#cking year. It had better be good.

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