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I’m a brony with the body of a pony and the brains of a griffon who seems to enjoy watching random female characters starve.

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  • Saturday

    I’m starting to regret watching some new sneak peeks of A New Generation on Youtube. Now it’s constantly recommending me clips from the movie which, although they are in a different language, are giving away very important plot details, including a big event that happens at the end. I obviously won’t spoil it, but it’s BIG.

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  • Saturday
    Carl Fredricksen has some competition

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  • 4 weeks
    Paw Patrol: The Movie Review

    So I finally got around to seeing the Paw Patrol movie in theatres. It was just as mediocre as I expected. If you’re as deprived as I am when it comes to good movies to watch, there will be spoilers below.

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  • 4 weeks
    G5 Character Tags

    Will the other new characters in A New Generation other than the main characters get their own tags anytime soon?

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  • 6 weeks

    A Youtuber I watch called Vailskibum94 just uploaded a video documenting an unusual ship I’d never heard of, pairing Mordecai from Regular Show and Twilight Sparkle as a couple.


    I did some digging around and looked at the fanart, and now I would like to have my eyes bleached, thank you very much.

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If you think your parents hate you... · 1:30pm July 27th

Just remember her parents literally named her another word for "accident".

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We don't know that for certain. Maybe her parents originally named her Four Legs, and she just had to change it after, well... you know.

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