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We Bare Bears Wish Upon A Christmas Star Chapter 1 Three Wishes Of Gloria · 11:42am July 26th

Over the past two weeks of December, Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear helped with the decorations with their friends to get some spare money. With snow continuing to fall from the sky, they manage to help the neighborhood by shoveling their driveways. After getting paid the amount of money they agreed to do the job for, they head to the mall to do their Christmas shopping. They don’t usually do this, but with the amount of friends they’ve been making, along with Panda making his girlfriend happy, they will do anything to showcase their holiday cheer.

After they finished their shopping, the three bears headed back to their cave while pulling their wagon full of gifts along with them. “That was the longest shopping spree we’ve ever done.” Grizz cheered. “We’ve got everything for all our friends until Christmas!”

“And all we have to do is send these gifts to them in the mail.” Panda said, straightening the Christmas hat on his head.

“Ice Bear will be a mail bear for brothers alike.” Ice Bear offering his help.

“Yeah, we’re aware you and Issac are taking a one day job as delivery people for the kids and families.”

“Hey at least we can meet Tom and Griff when we’re at the mall again.” Grizz replied while walking up to the front door. “Now if you excuse me, I need to make some finishing touches of my Crowbar Jones Christmas Film.”

With the three bears heading inside their cave, Grizz placed the wagon filled with gifts by the Christmas tree. While Ice Bear heads to the kitchen to make supper for the night, Grizz and Panda head to their bedroom. Panda took out his phone after receiving a message from Amanda during his Christmas shopping.

Upon opening his profile page, he turned his facecam on, while waiting for Amanda to join the session. Soon after, he received a notification from Amanda, requesting to join in, which he accepted. Soon he saw Amanda on screen with a Christmas panda plushie.

“Hey Panda!” She cheered, while her parents were working in the background.

“Hello Amanda!” Panda shouted back. “Sorry for not messaging you earlier, me and my brothers were doing our Christmas shopping.”

“That’s fine, as a matter of fact, it’s really great you're supporting your friends during this time of the year.”

Panda knew she would say that, considering he already has a gift for her before Christmas arrives. “Then don’t you worry, because I’m right on time before this holiday passes me by.”

This gave Amanda an idea for her plans on Christmas Eve tomorrow. “I was thinking, I’m gonna meet my friends that I’ve been making since I moved into San Francisco. Soo…maybe we can meet up in the mall, so we can hang out?”

The offer from his girlfriend along with doing Christmas activities in the mall doesn’t seem like a bad idea. He, unlike his brothers, doesn’t have any plans for tomorrow, even after getting everything before he missed this holiday. Although when it comes to knowing her friends would take time for him to get used to, but only if they don't know about their true relationship.

“Okay sure, we can do something before Christmas arrives.” Panda accepted. “You can pick which place we go to.”

“Awesome!” She cheered.

“Hey Amanda! I need a little help here!” Amanda’s mother called from the kitchen.

While getting the attention, Amanda turned to her mother, not long until he turned back to Panda. “I’ll meet you in the mall tomorrow at eight.”

“I won’t be late.” Panda smiled as his girlfriend ended the call. “I can’t believe I’m actually gonna do this with her.” He placed his phone by his alarm clock, thinking of what Amanda would do when her friends saw a panda by her side, knowing her interest in the animal is at the top of her list.

After Ice Bear cooked some chicken he bought at the mall, he, along with his brothers, ate at the kitchen table. With the moon rising over them and with the cold temperatures in the forest, stars started to appear in the sky, along with some shooting stars, shooting away to the northeast, but it hasn't caught the attention of the bears yet.

“Tomorrow has to be the best Christmas Eve ever for all of us.” Panda taking a bite of his chicken. “Even if this is the second time we’re splitting up once we arrive at the mall.”

“Hey, the mall is a place for brothers to spend time at but...when we have other plans, it’s impossible to stay together.” Grizz remembered the last time when he and the others went to the mall. “Hopefully the third time's the charm.”

“Ice Bear can’t guarantee number three, but it would involve brotherly love.” Ice Bear commented.

“Well...we did work together with the decorations today, so it’s not like there’s anything to keep us together tomorrow.” Panda said, wondering what the alternatives would’ve been. “But I don’t want to disappoint Amanda. I haven’t done that once and I want to keep that going.”

Grizz is thankful his brother manages to have spare time with him, even when he has a girlfriend, but knowing he refuses to mess up his relationship, he may consider proofreading his Crowbar Jones script. “Funny that you mention it, because I want people to appreciate my Christmas film when the auditions are finished.”

“Hey, at least whenever a holiday like this passes by, no one would ever miss that. Even though I’m not gonna watch it tomorrow or on Christmas.” Panda said, feeling a little ashamed of himself.

“I thought you didn’t like my films because of Pando.”

“True, but I don’t know if Amanda likes him and Crowbar Jones.”

“Ohhh…” Grizz rolling his eyes with a smile. “If she offers to watch my film with you, would you do it?”

This causes Panda to be embarrassed while blurting out his answer. “YES!” After taking a deep breath with his brothers unphased. “And if I have to keep my personal opinions from her, it may come to a point where…”

“You won’t get into a fight with her.” Grizz calming his brother down.

“Ice Bear knows pretty girlfriends don’t always have temper issues.” Ice Bear responded.

“If only she knew I didn't like your flims a few months ago.” Panda said embarrassedly, placing his hand on his face. “But I should’ve known this was bound to happen sooner rather than later.”

As the bears continued to eat their chicken, they were thinking about how their Christmas Eve is gonna be like. Making deliveries with a close friend, hanging out with a girlfriend along with her friends, and making a Crowbar Jones film with multiple actors makes them wonder if they can do more than that.

“Do any of you have any wishes for Christmas?”

“You mean, like It’s A Wonderful Life?” Grizz wondered to which Panda nodded.

“But in a way where a Christmas Miracle comes to life.”

Outside of the cave a shooting star flew right above the cave, while enhancing wishes out in the ordinary. “I’ve never believed in any of that.”

“Do you still want to wish just for...good fortunes?”

Grizz and Ice Bear both looked at each other after listening to Panda’s offer. “I don’t see anything wrong with it soo...I wish I could make Crowbar Jones cute.”

“How can you make your fictional character cuter than he already is? We’re all cute in our own way?”

“No, as in, youthness cute, like a club.”

“Ice Bear found that could potentially be a Spin Off.” Ice Bear liking Grizz’s wish. “Ice Bear wishes tomorrow would be an adventure involving Christmas.”

His brothers found his wish honest, but they knew there was no chance for it to work out that way. “By any means, are you referring to all of us?” Ice Bear nodded while eating his last piece. “Okay so, what’s your wish Panda?”

Panda thought about it as long as it's not like the wishes from his brothers. “I wish...I could give Amanda the most memorable Christmas ever.” He then lowered his head. “But only if it’s possible.”

“You'll figure it out when you meet her tomorrow.” Grizz smiled. “It’s not really a bad wish.”

“Thanks. The only thing we could do is just wait to see what happens.”

“Just like waiting to open presents until Christmas.”

Once the bears wash their dishes, they head to their bedrooms, straight to sleep until morning. With their wishes coming out in the open, none of them were against any of them, in fact they agreed they were good. But one thing’s for sure, they didn’t realize that what was happening outside could make their wishes come true. And the only thing they don’t have in common is what their wishes are like in their minds. Once they come into reality, it could be a good thing or a disastrous thing, but in this case, their wishes are on middleground with each other.

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