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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Princess Celestia's weight? · 6:31am July 26th

How heavy is big sunhorse? That's something I need to know. Canon version, not my crazy fan fiction version.

She seems to have a fondness for cake, so that doesn't do her any favors for her weight.

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She is a titan among ponies, so I wouldn't be surprised if she weighs more than real horses.

She would probably need to use weight protection spells if she wanted to get intimate with someone. That or never be on top.

She has the build of an Arabian pony so between 850 to 1000 but I say maybe 700 due to her mane and tail probably not weighting anything.


I would tell you but I want to live, man :rainbowdetermined2:

Seriously, though, that really depends on what you consider a 'normal' pony canon weight, and those can vary wildly. Assuming an average pony is ~50-75 Kg (my personal canon), Celestia should be more than twice that, so... 120-150 Kg or so.

Well, It's known that Junk Food goes straight to the thighs, So maybe she just looks about 3x less than what she regularly indulges in.

sykko #6 · July 26th · · ·

Given that she's the height of a draft horse, if her build corresponds, she could easily weigh between 1400-2000 lbs(635-907-ish kg). Considering that the average weight of an Equestrian pony could be from 440-793 lbs(200-360-ish kg). That is if they follow the standard density of equines, i.e. having a much denser muscular and skeletal structures.

edit: If you were to take these more realistic weights and factor them into an hie clopfic, the person would always have to be on top to avoid injuries like a broken back, a broken hip or broken thighs. That is unless you want to have it a part of the story where a human and a pony gets hot and heavy and the pony accidentally injures the human, thus changing forever the physical dynamic of the relationship.

The PROPER weight! 😋

after reading through the comments it seems "the ass is fat" is as accurate as it needs to be

if we wanna assume miniture horseland is all smaller then she's probably about 1000 lbs of death filled cuddles and butt snuggles

And that's why I love her. Such a cute, big heavy pony.

There's a good reason I have weight protection spells in many of my stories.

She must magically move it there. Wants to keep her Royal Guard loyal and happy looking at her ass. XD

That could be cool to do. I did a story where Celestia hurt her human lover in the past.

[Adult story embed hidden]

The weight of the sun.

Just make sure you get some protection spells cast on you, and you'll be fine.

bruh, I weigh about that much.

The only canon comparison between ponies and human that I know of was the on the box photo for equestria girls.

Saying that, it might still might be up to interpretation to if this is canon for some people.

Anyways, in the photo twilight reaches to the upper abdomen at least, when placed next to her counterpart.

Due to condensed mass compared, I'd say she weighs as much as a human.

Celestial is probably around 250-350 pounds.

Let's find out.

[ grabs Celestia's flank and squeezes ]

[ is bucked through the castle wall ]

[ walks back into castle while bleeding ]

About 400 miles per hour.

Worth it. The power of the Sunbutt.

Sounds like heresy to me. I like my Celly extra thick and heavy,

I see it as diminishing returns of pleasure personally. Only so much of you.

Somehow, I can just imagine this scenario playing out, and my god, I don't regret this, cause it's pretty funny.

"Ah, dear sister! I heard the guards having a rather good time in their barracks, despite how you had to inform them that their pay will have to be decreased. What's got them in such a granduous mood?"

"Well, dear sister, it involves why I'm debating on if I should cut back on the cake or not, or invest my private time in strengthening my concealment spell... It all started when I called them to the throne room, I was walking from side to side in my usual manner, but I guess I was having some trouble getting the actual issue through their ears."

"How so?"

"Because my concealment spell wore off in the midst of it. In your 1,000 year absence, I became what the younger ponies call, 'Dummy Thicc', and the clap of my royal cheeks kept averting their attention... and their gaze, away from my words."

That just seems hilarious to me.

Never ask a woman her weight, especially when she's a giantess.

She uses fat suppression magic and size suppression magic to hide away her true size. Celestia is growing taller and taller as well to keep her body a smooth shape to it.

The plot of this story of mine.

[Adult story embed hidden]

I'll give her lots of cake to make her even heavier. XD

I'm gonna say a solid 210


Not heavy enough.

I like Smol Celestia, and Smol Luna (Luna especially cause she's my Waifu Princess)

Like, what's wrong with Smol pony Princesses xD

I do like small ponies too.

But I big ponies like Princess Celestia too. Princess Celestia is best pony because she is biggest pony.

Lol. I just like to imagine the big princesses as Smol still, for the sole reason of how adorable that is in my mind, as well as hot in some cases xD

Luna is best Princess in my opinion, but that's just me, and I don't blame ya for liking Celestia, she's a pretty good Pony too, I won't like

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