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Nothing But Boredom · 9:14pm July 24th

I’ve been thinking on when I’m getting back to writing my current stories but at the same time, I’ve keep placing myself into a corner. I’m thankful I finished the Halloween fanfic while making an audio recording of it for October but even with that, I can’t come up with new one shots. Considering Expansive Universe Unlike Any Other has been on hold over the last month without a new chapter, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to begin with.

Especially when I’m also working on the We Bare Bears Christmas story as well. If your gonna remind me that I shouldn’t write these stories ahead of time, most people do that on here. I’ve been struggling when I get the chance to write again but unlike the years previous, I’m becoming bored of it. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to get back into the zone but considering I had less people who enjoyed Nightmare Night At Equestria Horror Land, doing a fanfic centering around FiM or EqG has becoming tedious for me.

I think it’s either I don’t watch FiM or EqG anymore since it wasn’t as good as I remember, or it’s maybe I don’t find the characters enjoyable anymore.

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