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Remember how I said I was writing something for Crew-T that was gonna involve every one of my 70+ stories? · 11:50pm July 23rd

It has begun.

Commence the crash-course through the Tonkus-verse, a literary revisiting of every story and OC I've created! The only things not being included are characters and/or stories with next to no content ever having been made for them, such as the one-off "comic book" characters I made back in third grade and really never used again afterwards.

EThe Disastrous Adventures of Crew-T
A decidedly unprofessional team of weirdos yoinked out of their comfort zone crashes through fanfic worlds and beyond, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Link your story in the comments and see what happens!
TheMajorTechie · 14k words  ·  27  6 · 277 views

Also, I'm gonna be stringing an actual story between all of 'em to pull them together, closer than they've ever been before!

Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be nearly as massive of a disaster as the last time I tried that with Equestria Forever. :P

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Oh boy, does this mean they're gonna be meeting the Twibright from What If?

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