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    Next Chapter of Survival of the Wolves is up.

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    Thanks as always for reading, and I look forward to hearing what you think.

    Have a great day. :twilightsmile: 👌

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A RWBY Rewrite · 3:47pm July 23rd

Hello all,

So, I've had an idea circling in my head for a while; a RWBY Rewrite, set in the MLP verse.

The basic premise is that one of my OCs - a fan of both RWBY and MLP - gets displaced and sent to a universe where, after Nightmare Moon's return, the Windigos arrived - drawn by the cold and the fear - and foiled Celestia's plan to retrieve the Elements.

The Windigos frightened several ponies into swearing fealty to Nightmare Moon - a strange representation of both Salem and Adam - in hopes of protection, and now a three way war is going down, with Nightmare and Celestia - this world's version of Ozpin - clashing while the Windigos - representing the Grimm - keep them at each other's throats.

With my OC - Wing - acting as this world's version of Oscar Pine, she must re-gather the Elements of Harmony, who have been scattered across Equestria, find a way to restore Nightmare Moon to Luna, and defeat the Windigos once and for all, so that the MLP timeline can continue on it's proper course.

It's fun to think about in my head, but I'm not sure how to begin. I like the idea of Wing getting displaced, but I also got an idea where we start off with Celestia being defeated as Ozpin was defeated in RWBY Volume 3. But just as Celestia dies, her soul is joined to Wing's, and Wing promises to help her save Equestria (Wing's heroic like that :twilightsmile:)

I'd really appreciate your advice on this, as Wing is one of my favorite OCs to write for, and I want to make sure her story is as good as I can make it.

Thank you for following, and have a great day. :pinkiesmile:

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I just got into RWBY so that's a splendid idea!


I've been struggling with the first chapter for a bit, but I'd really like to share it if I get it figured out.

I have two thoughts.

One will you make Celestia cool?...like cool cool?
Even when loses? Perhaps in his head she is not just like ozpin? But their is certainly a...say manipulative side?

My well...really second point is about the elements. I think you a opertunity to do something cool here. I.e spread the love? I just think it would spicy if say...everyone thinks a pony would be a element...then isnt.

Then consider the domino effects of being a element of loyalty in a time of war? In another nation?

Or kidness in hospital with the bloody and the wounded.

So...thats all I got...its a cool idea. I personally have enjoyed all your stuff - you know how to tell a good yarn.

I may have put in my head canon and soon to be canon for my own long form fic about the elements...i.e. their is no elements. Only people who love, bond, are loyal, empathetic, honest, you get the idea..

.basically its makes everything spicy with all them expectations and layers. You expect the elements and get bob. You know?

Ps. One...I like Twilight. But for me friendship should not be a element, like all the others they are something everyone can exhibit? So, in my novel? Nope.

I actually wrote a post a long time ago how its weird their even a friendship element, when they are all supposed to be friends...with each other? Like it implys that they can't be friends without having a leader...a head :facehoof:

Fyi. I know its a kid show...but still...

Two...Consider what it would do to Twilight...knowing her healthy not at all deliberatly (creepy and sick) weird relationship with her mentor would interact with head Celestia?

- If you want extra spooky vibes you could have your vessel black out, say? And wake up to a odd phrase that they have for each other...and...hint:not playing it for laughs...like play it straight.

What do you when the person in your head a sick person? How would your oc handle the abuse say? When he or they or she has to have knowledge vs the actions being done...

Naturally Twilight is all for it. Because abuse is weird.

Anyway sorry for the side track otherwise. I did..technically have two ideas...that ran on...:twilightsheepish:


will you make Celestia cool?

Yes; even though she's representing Ozpin, she's doesn't have all the answers, but overall, I'm going to try and present her in a positive light. Also, her dynamic with Wing is going to be a bit more equal; Celestia contributes most of the strength and is the reason Wing doesn't get her tail handed to her, but at the same time, Wing thinks she knows what's going on due to watching RWBY, and claims to have all the answers, though her claim is going to be tested when the people of Equestria act differently from the people of RWBY.

I just think it would spicy if say...everyone thinks a pony would be a element...then isnt.

Like, people think Dash will be the element of loyalty, but she doesn't, right?

I do like that idea; I was already banking on a lot of comedy when Wing thinks things are going to turn out one way, and then they turn out another way. For example:

Wing: Okay, you guys; this is the part where we steal an airship and totally get away with it because we defeat a leviathan that we accidentally summoned with the heist.

Rainbow Dash: :rainbowhuh: Have you lost your mind?

Wing: No, I swear, it'll totally work out. It happened in the show, so it's gotta happen here, right?

[Giligan Cut: Wing is in jail, and the others are glaring at her from outside her cell]

Applejack: This happen in yer show too, sugarcube? :ajbemused:

Wing: In the next season, yeah.

Everypony: :facehoof: :applejackconfused:

Oh, and in regards to the post script:

I like Twilight. But for me friendship should not be a element,

I don't think Twilight's element is friendship itself. Her element was magic. Though, I will admit, even that really needed something that was more concrete, especially when the title says that magic and friendship are one in the same.

Maybe... I dunno, brains? Intellect? That would be more up Twilight's alley, and you do need to be smart about the types of friends you have, in case they turn out to be taking advantage of you. I'll keep working on that; my headcanon already replaced the Element of Laughter with the Element of Joy (bringing positivity, not just making people laugh), so I'm pretty sure I can find something for Magic too.

What do you when the person in your head a sick person? How would your oc handle the abuse say? When he or they or she has to have knowledge vs the actions being done...

I'm a little confused on what you're trying to ask here. But in regards to Wing handling having Celestia stuck in her head, she'd be a little more eager about it. She's very similar to Ruby Rose in that she was raised on stories of heroes and monsters, and wants to be a hero to emulate her storybook role models. However, she also has an overly optimistic belief that things will turn out the way they did in her story - especially RWBY - and is repeatedly punished for thinking that way, as mentioned above. She's imprisoned, beaten up or otherwise humiliated for trying to make things go the way she expects them to, and it's only when she stops trying to control the outcome of the story, and begins actively working with her pony companions that they make real headway towards defeating the Windigos.

Additionally, she suffered from a bit of discrimination back home, and thus is rather desperate to earn the friendship of others, which can make her come across as a little creepy, especially when she banks on having Celestia in her head to earn Twilight's friendship. However, like I mentioned, I mean for her to get development and realize that she's going about earning friends the wrong way, and adjusts to become a better friend to the others.

Hope this helped. I really appreciate your ideas, and am grateful to you for sharing them. :pinkiehappy: 👍

Hmm...I was talking about the potential horror elements of Celestia's odd relationship with Twilight. I.e how obsessive Twilight is for pleasing her treacher. Having that nursed or not...it would interestinf to explore. Basically I played with that idea, leaning into creepy ville. Think creepy Student and teacher vibes...is entirely accurate? No...but could be something neat I guess?

Ps. Cheers for putting such thought into your work. I will be waiting patiencly for the spice filled work.

Oh! I catched that bit about disassociation or was it displacement? (and its trauma. Leaving all you know)And exploring that...dude! Thats super spicy! :moustache:

Pps. Oops. I forgot to sign up to your news letter. :eeyup:


Think creepy Student and teacher vibes...is entirely accurate?

Ah, I see what you mean. And yeah, I could see potential with that going somewhere. Wing's desperation for friends can make her equally creepy, so she might push for that with Twilight. Though in this headcanon, poor Celestia's only going to see Twilight as a daughter, so she's not going to be happy about Wing letting Twilight put the moves on her. Again, I'm hoping to go for a bit of comedy here, so... we'll see how it goes.

Pps. Oops. I forgot to sign up to your news letter. :eeyup:

No problemo. You still got my website? Here's the blog that had it: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/953320/i-got-a-website The subscription list is at the bottom of the home page, and I release newsletter updates every Friday.

Thanks for your support. :pinkiehappy:

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