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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Friday
    Brief Spoiler Free Review: My Little Pony: A New Generation

    It's good wholesome fun. Nothing really felt forced, and it emotionally moved me. It warmed my cold, black, cynical heart. So, if you looking for something wholesome to watch, watch this movie, rather than some grimdark edgy crap like Game of Thrones.

    Unless you overanalyze this movie with a microscope there is nothing nobody should be upset about.

    I regret ever watching Game of Thrones.

    13 comments · 75 views
  • Thursday
    The Fashion Ride

    I have a potential story in the works. I am working alongside another user about Rarity being ridden like a horse. Big Rarity, no puny four feet tall ponies, shire horse-sized ones, if not even bigger.

    Edit: The story is called: A Fashion Workhorse.

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    9 comments · 82 views
  • Wednesday
    Horse Riding has been updated

    I just updated horse riding. I hope you enjoy.

    This story was meant to be a short one-shot. But I feel it needs... to be bigger.

    2 comments · 60 views
  • Tuesday
    Horse Riding

    I feel like expanding upon this story with more, or a big chapter. And expand in more ways... than one. Also, it somehow got featured. The story is no longer under the complete tag.

    What do you think of this plan?

    8 comments · 55 views
  • 1 week
    Ponies reactions to a human eating meat?

    I seen some stories where the ponies behave like screeching harpies over the fact that a human eats meat. As in overreact, and make such a big thing about it, and shun the human. We can assume the ponies have diplomatic relations with sapien minded species like the Griffons. I'm pretty sure the Griffons eat meat, and it goes without saying the Griffons are not going to kill and eat ponies....

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Ideas for new stories? · 6:59pm July 22nd

Any stories you wish me to write? Have a request? Or simply want to share some ideas with me.

You can PM me. Or contact me by My Discord: Bendy#6695

No charge. But note, there is no guarantee I will make it.

Report Bendy · 115 views · #ideas #idea
Comments ( 21 )

Sunset x Sci Twi x Femboi OC x Wallflower foursome

Gosh I’m horny

I'm not into human on human action when it comes to writing. Too vanilla. Human on pony is what I mostly do.

The closest thing I could do to a femboy would be some nerdy guy. I have next to no idea how to write.


Do you still do pony on pony

Cuz if not I’ll suggest Anon x Princess Celestia and Luna

I am somewhat indifferent toward it. I did a purely pony on pony clopfic... but there was a human tagging along as well.

Oh well
I’ll suggest the last comment

I'll consider that. Thanks.

No problem :twilightsmile:

I rarely read HiE which is why I did human

Only HiE clop I have saved is Cultural Exchange, All Hearts A Flutter, and A Chance at MILF

Whereas the other HiE fics or rated E or T

human and seapony

That is all.

I require fluff and cozy feelings! Human x pone taking a nap in a ponypile on a shady hill with a breeze going on a warm day.

300k+ word LotR style epic, clearly.

Maybe. Water sex could be fun,

Would need lots of butt stuff for filler if I'm writing it. XD

I suppose I could do some macro growth fic with the two.

Sounds nice and wholesome. Might consider it.

Do what comes natural :heart:


Fluff is always a good idea.
seaponies sound awesome. What if Anon works at an Aquarium, where a Seapony performs watershows, like the orcas at seaworld. Could involve sizeshifting via de-/rehydration. If she is just a seapony without the hippogriff-part, there could be shenanigans with her being completely helpless on land, while being unmatched in the water, with her being strong enough to effortlessly swim up waterfalls, and create tidalwaves with a simple splash of a fin, even when shes around human size, yet also being able to drop into the ocean from orbit, while being larger than the largest whale, without making a ripple.

Anon in a hyper sexualized Equestria, but he isn't horny and not really into sex.

are the ponies horny and into sex? Or are they just sexy?

It was implied that they are into sex.

Ah, but arent there already many stories about that?

One butt to rule them all.

Are you comfortable with M/M?

Yes or no?

Yeah, I'm comfortable with my own sexuality to write a gay clopfic even as a straight man.

I might consider that. Thanks. Water sex could be hot.

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