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Author's Note/Blog (Starfleet Magic S10EP22) · 3:16am July 22nd


That old contradicting plot of conscience and priority still goes at it.

A hero has a family, friends, things in a normal life, but almost all the time they forsake them to jump into action because the world needs them more.

It's not that they don't care about their families, they do care, and they want to be there as much as they can... but Duty calls. If they don't do their job, then EVERYONE could be hurt or killed INCLUDING the family.

And with a fine example, I'll quote from The first episode of SUPERMAN AND LOIS.

(If you don't want spoilers... then don't read it.)

Clark and Lois may be married to Lois with teenage sons now, and the family needs him, but it's kind of hard with all that Superman does and is needed for, meaning he's often away and can't always be there for his family.

Lois's father warned Lois this would happen. Lois may want Clark to spend more time with him family... but in the end... her father says...

When you wanted to get married, I tried warning you.

You may have fallen in love with Clark Kent, but you married Superman.

And Superman doesn’t get to have a normal life, no matter how much you want one for him.

Or yourself.

Then there's that Ben Ten Alien Force episode GROUNDED (Which I really hate) Ben's folks ground him for being a hero, and try to hold him back from doing HIS JOB...

Carl Tennyson: You will sit here alone until we tell you otherwise! Understood?
Ben Tennyson: You don't understand. This is a matter of life and death!
Carl Tennyson: The only life we're concerned about is yours. You're staying right here.

I would take great pride in kicking him in the stomach for the way he's acting (Ben should've done that at the start... or at least push them down.

Both Ben's folks are idiots. It may seem noble and concerning that they are looking out for their son (As a parent should) but the fact remains..

...You would stop a hero from doing his job, and thereby put the whole world at risk, including him and yourself? You're not being a noble father... you're being foolish.

A hero must do their duty... even if it means putting off something... even family.

If they don't, that important thing, the family... they may not be there anymore in the aftermath.

I suppose you could always STOP BEING A HERO, but as was said... If you don't do it, who will? Who will have it covered? Are you willing to doom the World?

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