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    Here's something else that's fun

    This guy, banquo0 (I swear I've heard that name before, but his Fimfic account is pretty much empty) does this fun series of videos that I will now share with you all after my friend shared them with me. :)

    Here's the first vid, they're short:

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    I'll say this much for AppleDash:

    The fanart's gotten amazing since the show ended.

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    Fic recs, September 5th!

    If you're in a position to help out folks in need, please check out FOME's post about some people who could use some assistance due to Hurricane Ida.

    Eyyyyy, Scribbler read my story ACT OF WILL! :D I'm so pumped, it's great.

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    Fic recs, September 1st!

    Happy September, I guess! :B Let's start the month off with five random stories. One was a prequel to something on my audiobook list, so I wanted to get this out quickly. Also, because I'm maybe halfway through the contest edition I'm still working on. D: I might do another plain review blog before I start the audiobooks, we'll see.

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    How the fuckity fuck is it almost September already? D: Where'd this year go? Ugh.

    That's kind of been my S.O.P. lately, wondering where time has gone. Maybe I'm in one of those midlife crises I hear so much about. :( I've certainly come down with old man problems just recently! The less said about those, the better for you! :D

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Fic recs, July 21st: Exquisite Corpse edition! · 6:46pm July 21st

What's an exquisite corpse, you might ask? Literally every one of these stories explains that concept in their description, I'm not gonna. :V

This is basically every story on Fimfic that comes up when you type "exquisite corpse" into the search bar, because I'd had what felt like quite a few come across my inbox in a very short time and I wanted to see what was up. :) I had a good time with this! Let's get stupid!

H: 2 R: 2 C: 3 V: 0 N: 0

Operation Exquisite Corpse by Greatazuredragon, Lumina Faith, Moonshot, Firefoxino, JPHyperX, QueenChrysalisForever, Nailah, Jubal, Light Heart101, Jarvy Jared, Schattendrache, Stinium_Ruide, Cyonix and The Red Parade
Genre: Slice of Life/Romance/Slice of Life again/Adventure/Action/Dark
All right, so here's how we're gonna do this. I've got the full list of authors up there, on my spreadsheet, I'll put the name of the author whose account it's on, with a note containing the rest. Genre tags will be added in real time as they change, and I'm not gonna bother with summaries unless it's funny. Okay? Okay.

So. This wasn't a bad place to start, though it was kind of less zany than I'd hoped? Like, literally the first half dozen or so chapters tell a coherent story. Yes, the focus changes from Lyra and Bon-Bon to Derpy (though it eventually shifts back to them), but the thread of "Derpy has to deliver a package" remains strong throughout. Then the action starts ramping up, which is the kind of thing you'd expect from an exquisite corpse, and then it just stops, and that, my friends, is the kind of thing I am here for. :D So if you want to see what you're getting into, experiencing more tonal shifts and changes in writing quality than anything else, try this out!

Exquisite Corpse: Together Forever by Atom Smash, Buttery Biscuit, QueenChrysalisForever, short tale, Nailah, Jarvy Jared, Firefoxino, Ninjadeadbeard, Lone Writer, Stinium_Ruide, Armid, Arkane12, iAmSiNnEr and SwordTune
Genre: Slice of Life/Drama/Romance/Random Comedy/Lord of the Rings Crossover?
Oh man, already finding myself in a pickle in terms of how to review these. I mean, you can certainly compare them mechanically, and come up with the writing here being less good overall than the previous, for all that there are a bunch of the same writers. The last two chapters are notably very out there, to the point where I had to wonder if the authors were even trying to continue the story or just doing whatever. Makes for a bizarre ending. That said, I was very pleased when this story, which starts out with young Starlight and Sunburst, eventually forgot that little fact and transported them to the present day. :D Like, I knew it had to happen at some point, and I was so happy that it did. So that's worth reading for!
Recommended for Starlight and Sunburst Fans

The Sky Is a Lady and She Is Gay: A RariTwi Exquisite Corpse by SigmasonicX, Posh, Nonchalant, Seigneur, TGM, kits, Cynewulf and trAce
Genre: Humanized AU/Comedy/Shipping/Adventure/Anthro/Drama/possibly EQG?
This, I believe, is the story that really made me note that a whole bunch of exquisite corpses had been made recently, because just look at that title, it is amazing. And happily, the story itself is amazing, too. Maybe I just have a major soft spot for air pirates (I do), but this is full of action and tense moments. Twilight's mom is used very interestingly and, most astounding of all, very consistently throughout the story. What's not consistent at all is the setting. Oh man. We've seen a story swap time frames before, this one swaps species. Twice. It was a thing of beauty. Suffice to say, I really, really dug every second of this, inconsistencies and all. :D
Highly Recommended

The Stolen Acorn: A RariTwi Exquisite Corpse by SigmasonicX, Nonchalant, kits, Lingo, Undome Tinwe, Lofty Withers and Falk0
Genre: Romance/Comedy/World-Building/Random
Well, this was pure fun. :) The only common thread, once again, is the RariTwi, as the plot goes off the rails quickly. But it ends up centering around a really cool bit of world-building that I've never seen anyone do before? And the final chapter is surprisingly consistent with everything that comes before it. So this ends up being a pretty solid story, just one with a bonkers middle!

Daring Do and the Journey to the Center of the Earth by Rainbow, Rinsankajugin, War877, Kegisak, LordVatek, storyyeller, Sereg, YamiVizzini, ScottPilgrim2013, KylerThatch, EpicBleye, JapaneseTeeth, DarkAbomination and Meta Four
Genre: Adventure/Comedy/Dragonball Crossover/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Crossover/Random/Shipping
The problem I had with this story is not that it is confusing. It's that it starts off confusing and I was never able to get a handle on pretty much anything that was going on. Seriously, whoever brought in all these crossovers needs a time out. <.< It's hard to explain just why a story written in a manner that leads to incredible nonsense storytelling is in fact considerably more obtuse than others of its ilk. I suppose the warning that one need have read this account's previous stories is not to be taken lightly! I just wish I knew which ones were relevant to this in the first place. And it's a shame, because Daring Do teaming up with Maud is such a great idea, and they have good chemistry. When this isn't focused on random tertiary characters who never show up again, it's a fun adventure that gets funnier as it goes! Seriously, the final bit is hilarious. If only the authors had been a little clearer on the bar to entry.
Recommended If You Can Handle Large Amounts of Nonsense

Danger Than Fiction, or, Pony Pony Literature Club, or, Take a Look, You're in a Book, or, Four Nerds and an Alcoholic (Who Is Also a Nerd), or, Virtue Rewarded by JapaneseTeeth, Story, Rainbow, LordVatek, Meta Four, KylerThatch, YamiVizzini, Risankajugin, Kegisak, Sereg and Wryte
Genre: Random/Numerous Literary Crossovers/Drama/Adventure/Second-Person/Horror-ish/Meta/Man, I don't even know
Moondancer and her friends find themselves being chased through actual books by Daring Do.
I gave this one a shot specifically because the description says it's not impenetrable if you haven't read other stories. No, this one's impenetrable if you're not familiar with literature. Okay, I kid. I was at least aware of most of the references, and the ones that I wasn't? I still enjoyed for the weirdness. Because this is actually the most coherent of these stories by a long shot. I mean, if a character disappears or a plot thread is dropped? It's just because the main characters have jumped into a different book! And even better, a story about characters diving into different books completely validates writing an exquisite corpse in the first place! Not everyone's going to be equally skilled at mimicking a given author's style, so you jump from book to book and hand the story off to someone else. The whole conceit of the corpse doesn't even matter, that's just a really good way of telling this story! So yeah, it's extremely goofy and literally nonstop literary references, and it maybe kept going past where it should have ended, but it totally elevates the exquisite corpse to another level in ways the other stories in this blog did not!
Highly Recommended

Daring Do's Bipedal Adventure by Story, KylerThatch, Rytex, Rainbow, LordVatek, Meta Four, Kegisak and GingerNinja
Sequel to Danger Than Fiction, etc.
Genre: Meta/Comedy/Equestria Girls/Random/Action
After being written out of the previous story, Daring Do gets another chance to find the missing Falcon. In a world full of high schoolers.
And well, I have to express my disappointment once again. This starts off with a handful of chapters under 1k words each before moving into a 13k monster finale that was… too much. It was too much. The opening was fun, bits here and there were amusing, but overall too much was trying to be done, one too many authors writing one too many sections for the story to not become stretched out and overly weighty. In particular, right at the start of that 13k chapter is a long series of body-switches that go back and forth between Equestria and Pedestria in about the most confusing manner possible. Like, I don't think they could have made it any more confusing without writing in another language. It really killed my enjoyment of the bulk of the story, and few things after it helped me recover. But it's okay, this group at least made one really awesome exquisite corpse, and few others can say the same.
Recommended for Equestria Girls Fans

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Seeing this reminds me that Quills and Sofas did one awhile ago and was never published lol

upon asking the host asked me to publish it on their behalf so I guess I'm in charge now!

Whenever I hear that phrase, I can't help but think of Andrei Codrescu and his appearances on National Public Radio.

The sky is a lady and she is gay was super fun to work on. I had no clue what the hell was happening at the start of mine, so o tried to drag discord and horse Fluttershy in. But I don’t think that bait got taken. Still, super fun to see how off the assumptions we all had were.

Author Interviewer

If you'd posted it a few hours earlier, I'd have read it, too!

...But that would have required some time shenanigans, so perhaps it's for the best you didn't. :B

Ah, damn, I knew there had to be more. :)

I figured that was your part. :D It was fun stuff.

Aren’t the authors listed in the chapters? They should be part of the title

Good chapters are a number.

Chaos is forever.

Author Interviewer

I mean like, as I was reading. :B

kits #9 · July 22nd · · ·

Also. Fwiw that was pony Fluttershy that went with Rarity and Twilight. not that it matters.

I don't understand. Is this a thing? Or just a random exercise a group decided to do? From the intro, it sounded like you were just stringing a couple random words together, but the consistent set of authors tells me you already knew what you'd find.

I'm still proud of having the only story on the site with "terlit" in it.

Author Interviewer

Yeah, go look it up! :D

Okay, I'm familiar with the concept but I'd never heard it called that.

Author Interviewer

Having been around writers all my life, I find the one thing they like more than anything is making references to obscure stuff.

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