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Always with My Big Mouth · 11:09pm July 20th

So I admitted to my conspiracy-crazed mother that I got vaccinated. She now literally thinks I have microchips inside me :facehoof:

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Why are you still talking to this person? (Yes, I know, but the point where that stops mattering is around when taking her advice will literally kill you and we have reached that point)

I love my mom, but I don't listen to any health advice she has. She's had a difficult life so she gets weird (and extremely inaccurate) things stuck in her head. She'll cool off eventually on this.

is the picture along with the summary meant to give a feeling of lewd?

Whether it is cringe or lewd, let thy feelings flow :applejackunsure:

My cousin literally believes that Joe Biden uses the vaccine to change Republicans' brains to be Democrats.

It's wild.

Eeesh. Sorry about that Nico.

That's rough.

I personally don't trust the thing yet.

I love how the vaccine is somehow a diabolical Democrat tool when Operation Warp Speed was Trump’s thing.
There’s this golden ticket to give him every ounce of credit for the vaccine and for him to say that he himself defeated COVID-19 with the fast tracked vaccine; but nope: it’s some kind of weapon developed by the Democrats who are somehow a Lovecraftian entity.

I’d say that the writing for Niban Person now makes complete sense, but barring some real world politicians, nothing is worse than her.

Well duh how else do you think vaccines work? Providing diluted and harmless samples of a contagion so your immune system can destroy it then through cellular mitosis those same white blood cells that ate the disease will divide and spread through the body so that if the disease enters your body again your T cells will be able to much more quickly identify the foreign substance, produce antibodies effective against it, then eliminate it at a much faster pace?

Come on you sheeple, it's totes obvs that vaccines are tiny Zuckerberg nanomachines meant to download liberal propaganda into your bloodstream to control your thoughts.

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