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Last Unicorns Audio Book · 10:57pm July 20th

The Last Unicorns
now has an
>>> Audio Reading <<<
by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan

[Adult story embed hidden]

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That's cool you're getting so many of your stories in audio version. Any chance you'll get an RPDM reading at some point?

[Adult story embed hidden]

Actually, YES! I've been told that is next.

I'm surprised this got a reading

Honestly, I am too. I don't usually delve into dark fics. But it's what they like. I'm not one to kink shame. I'm just grateful for the effort.

Celestia be praised! :pinkiehappy:

Yep, I've already done that, I'm just saving it for the Sunday upload on my channel.

How do people get readings from you?

Edit: That was a dumb question. I see you have a Patreon.

Well I've only gotten 2, 7k word commissions in the last 6 months since I started the Patreon, it's usually just my choices.

Oh, I see. Maybe there's hope one of mine gets read someday. A boy can dream. Have a good night!

im kinda surprised that youtube allowed it

Youtube only really cracks down on visual porn, and copywrited material, like songs.
Other than that, the worse they'll do is demonetize you,
or, your ability to be monetized based on the number of your subscribers.
It's the reason why a lot of the big channels censor swears.

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