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Question(s) of the Week#16 · 2:45am July 20th

So this question or group of questions has some build up and a story idea, so hopefully that isn't too foreboding. :raritywink:

Now to set the scene, this was something I was thinking of while taking a shower (why do I think of strange things while I shower... who can say?:derpyderp2:). Most stories involving Magical Girls and Tentacle Monsters usually results in conflict with either the magical girl killing the monster or horrible things happen to her... resulting in either the tentacle monster corrupting/mind breaking her or once again the magical girl killing the monster. However, I don't know of hardly any stories involving the magical girl and the tentacle monster getting along and being friends. Why can't we have a lovely story with a magical girl and a tentacle monster having a genuinely friendly relationship?


Yeah, I'm weird. Deal with it. :rainbowwild:

-I don't own this image.

Thus my brain juices began swirling and a story idea began to firm.

The concept is that sometime in the future Cozy Glow managed to escape her magical petrified prison (by the way I still haven't seen the last episode but I know things... anyway) and finding a magical artifact summons from some tentacle monsters to invade Equestria, their minds forced into a hive mind to serve her.

As a result of the conflict, Starlight Glimmer gathers the CMC (and perhaps Bab Seed, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon) and somehow is able to turn them into Magical Fillies. Basically they gain some magical abilities, resemble Alicorn versions of themselves and some fancy outfits that appear during their transformation.

Eventually the CMC are able to defeat Cozy Glow forcing her to retreat and breaking her influence on the tentacle monsters (which I will describe in a moment here I promise), causing many to return to their homeworld, however some were stranded in Equestria. Of course, due to their actions while under Cozy's influence, most of the tentacle monsters are viewed as just that. Monsters.

One day, Sweetie Belle goes to a restaurant after hearing a report of such a monster residing in the alleyway behind the diner. After a conflict with the creature it is revealed to be a complete misunderstanding as the monster (currently called Splurg, though I might change his name for reasons that will be explained later) actually has just been living in the dumpster in the back and has been trying to avoid ponies as much as possible. Feeling pity for him, Sweetie Belle takes Splurg and gives him a home with her. As a sign of gratitude, Splurg helps by doing chores around the apartment and cooking meals for her (kind of like a house husband:derpytongue2:).

These tentacle monsters are basically pony sized creatures that resemble a cross between a parasprite and an octopus. One thought is that there world is actually just another version of Equestria, kind of like EQG but with tentacle monsters instead of teenagers (so... an improvement?) and that their might be different subraces kind of like how there are Earth ponies, unicorn and pegasi with ponies, but that the different subraces have different abilities with their tentacles (open to suggestions). In which case, it might be good to have Splurg be a tentacle monster version of a colt that might have been around in the show.

Well, now it's question time, here the a few questions for you guys. :rainbowlaugh:

  • Do you think this story idea has potential?
  • Who do you think would be great candidate for a colt to be as a tentacle monster for such an idea?

And that's it for today. I hope I didn't scare you all off and I hope you all have a good day. :twilightsmile:

-I don't own this image.

Comments ( 9 )

It has potential, but you don't want to tread over ground you have already sown and harvested from.

The maid/servant/house husband idea sounds very much like a Rule 34 version of your other stories. Also, you already included a Male servant/female unicorn master segment in mysterious dreams/visions. I'd recommend a different dynamic. Whether as a suit of armor, super hero sidekick, researcher to help locate extra-dimensional threats, etc.

Potential springs from different monsters having different abilities and personalities / alignment (Chaotic Evil, etc.). Also, there's the potential for the escapees to the home dimension to return in force. Have the remaining refugees banded together? Who is their leader? Which pony would be the one you would least expect to lead them?

5557493 Yes, but I think it should be different enough that it shouldn't be an issue as this story would be either 3rd or 1st pov instead of 2nd and personality/actions of both characters will differ from those in my other stories.

The maid/servant/house husband idea sounds very much like a Rule 34 version of your other stories.

What? I don't follow. :rainbowderp:

Irisa is the servant/maid of the second person narrator in All Eyes On You.

In a later story, the narrator has a dream about a male monster stallion being discovered in the same way that the narrator finds Irisa. Except in that dream, the narrator is a unicorn mare. There is some violence and the end result is, again, monster pony is the servant to the pony master. This does not feel repetitive in that story because there is new information given and there are underlying mysteries tying both incidents together.

My earlier comment was that if the same thing happened again, it would seem repetitive.

5557582 but isn't rule 34 the rule that states that if something exists there is porn of it? :rainbowderp:

*Sees blog*
Oh right, It’s time for Robipony’s question. Looks like it’s a bit more this time...

by the way I still haven't seen the last episode but I know things... anyway

Well, I haven’t watched ANYTHING from the show, soooo ye.:rainbowlaugh:


Oh god:rainbowderp:

*finishes reading*
I am not sure how to feel about this.
But now I want the story.:pinkiecrazy:

As for the actual question part:
1st YES. So. Much. Yes.
2nd Do you mean characters from the show? Because I don’t really know that many colts and stallions. You know what, take Blueblood. The rude, I-am-better, money and fame, Celestia is my aunt, oh so noble Blueblood.
That should be fun.

But maybe not Sweetie Belle? Try to do something unexpected, like, say... Well, if you have no problems with AUs, give baby Applejack a new friend to help her with the loss of her parents. Of maybe have Rainbow Dash struggle to make sure he won’t fall through the cloud floor of Cloudsdale?

If you’re not taking AUs... Well, you should still try something new. Maybe make it a big city! Granted it’s not oh so new, but it is less overused than the “Smol cozy village” Ponyville is. Heck, didn’t Babs Seed live in Manehatten? Or did I read the wrong fanfic?

Now, let’s read the comments...
Hmm, just what I said.

I like the idea of different sub classes too, I totally forgot about it! Maybe some have suction cups, some totally smooth, some wrinkled skin, ...

Also, I think Air meant rule 63, not 34.

The rest seems to be explanations and more detail, I’m done!

All in all, fun as always. I’ll cya ‘round!
- 133

My bad. I meant Rule 63. That’s the one where the genders are reversed.

Gotta get my mind out of the gutter! :scootangel:

Reminds me of:

[Adult story embed hidden]

5561292 Maybe... But that doesn't really answer the questions in this blog. :applejackconfused:


Why can't we have a lovely story with a magical girl and a tentacle monster having a genuinely friendly relationship?

Well, Sweetie Belle in the story isn't a magical girl, but she does try to have a friendly relationship with the Tentacle pony. So, I think I have answered your question. It can be done.

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