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It is time for a new day in Equestria.

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  • Wednesday
    do you remember, the 21st night of september

    of course i do, it's 3 days till the g5 movie official release :pinkiecrazy:

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  • 2 weeks
    Fifth generation movie, first world problem

    >>i want to go watch the new MLP movie when it hits theaters
    >>no one to go with
    >>don't want to go to the cinema alone as a 21yr old man and look like a perv
    >>no netflix subscription
    >>what to do? honestly asking for suggestions

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  • 3 weeks

    *careless whisper plays in background*

    it's official, folks :rainbowkiss:

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  • 3 weeks
    The many faces of Pipp Petals (a mini visual novel)

    >> pipp's face when you ask her to "do" you

    >> her face when you ask her out to dinner at the best restaurant in town

    >> her face when you talk about fortnite at dinner for two straight hours

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  • 4 weeks
    4 random geography factoids that show how statistics don't always tell you the whole story

    #1: Iceland consumes 4 times more electricity per capita than the United States.

    FALSE CONCLUSION: “Icelandic people must be very wasteful and non-ecofriendly!”

    In 2014, Icelandics consumed 53832kWh of electrcity per capita. By comparison, Americans only consumed 12994kWh per capita, and Brits only consumed 5130kWh per capita.

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I now officially have more subscribers on my YouTube channel than followers on my FimFiction. · 12:47am July 20th

Woohoo! :pinkiehappy: The YouTube algorithm has been mildly blessing me in the last 2-3 months! My most viewed video currently has over 95,000 views!
The image links directly to my YouTube channel
So far, I've been promoting my YouTube stuff through my FimFiction...maybe now it's time to do the reverse! :raritywink:

(Disclaimer: At the time I published this blog, I had 236 followers on FimFiction)

Report Mica · 71 views · #youtube
Comments ( 5 )

This is the unholy power of Vtubers.

Cross-promotion is often a good idea. :pinkiehappy: Congratulations. :twilightsmile:

Why not change your avatar on YouTube? :derpyderp2:

Mica #5 · July 20th · · ·

...because I'm not sure whether it's okay to use my FimFic profile picture for YouTube, since YouTube can be used for profit (I'm not currently making any money out of YouTube, but you never know in the future :pinkiecrazy:). You can't use copyrighted images for commercial purposes, right?

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