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  • Today
    So, let me get this straight.

    We have G5 character tags, but no G5 series tag yet?

    Yo, you have crack authors here (which may or may not be on actual crack) ready to get stories out! Snap to it, knighty!

    So yeah, just wrapped up the watch party for A New Generation, and I've already got a short story in my head.

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  • 2 weeks
    You know what I love best about this trailer?

    I mean, apart from the amazing looking Revan.

    'EA' isn't shamelessly plastered onto the title logo anywhere.

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  • 2 weeks
    It started with an ice cream product being taken off the market...

    ...And it ended with therapy.

    Finally got done with the sixth and final season of Steven Universe last night. The last quarter of Season 5 had some pacing issues, but other than that, this was a very fun and engaging series, and likely ended at the right time. I see why bronies flocked to it.

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  • 3 weeks
    Bravo, Supergiant Games. Bra-vo.

    This has been one of the best weeks where I barely play anything else during my free time.

    Credits rolled on Hades, with this absolutely amazing piece accompanying it.

    Still plenty more to do as well, so I'm not done playing.

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Extra Life 2021 Planning Stages · 8:25am July 19th

Alright, a little more than 'planning' stages.

More like 'stay up until 4am making a stream overlay' stage.

Here are the games I'm highly considering as well. There will likely be more, because we do want to try and go the full 24 hours:

Sonic Delta 40Mb v0.65
This is a Genesis ROM hack that combines every single level from Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles, and crams them into one game, using Sonic 3 & Knuckles as a foundation. Including all lost levels from Sonic 2. I have never played every single Genesis game back-to-back in this manner in one sitting. Let's see if I can.

StarCraft II Co-op Brutal+ Difficulty
My long time friend, former roommate, and current Extra Life fundraising partner are going to put our three years of co-op experience to work in some StarCraft 2 Brutal+ missions.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Summit
I just thought this would be a good way to kill time and show off some of my near-min-maxed builds. But it also occurs to me that whatever additional content Massive is currently working on for release later this year may indeed be out by then, and depending what it is, we could very well check that out as well.

Sonic Adventure 2 w/ Tails in Everything
This one is pretty much 'try to break Sonic Adventure 2' by taking Tails' Chao Garden model, give him some animations and moves from Sonic Adventure 1, and play through as much of the game as possible, and having Tails single-handedly (or twin-tailedly) save the Earth. Pay no attention to the cutscenes, of course, or how the Emerald hunt missions finish immediately. This will likely use a modified save file, because I'm pretty sure the game soft-locks at King Boom, as there is no way to dig at him.

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