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New Bruner chapter tomorrow morning - Plus sneak peek of Knight and Dei · 4:20am July 19th

A couple of things in short order: I've got a new Farmer Bruener chapter coming out tomorrow morning, Estee would like post cards in the worst possible way (lit.), it's Shadowmane's birthday, and I'm still writing. Oh, and alive. (really, the first sort of implies the second, but it's best to be exact). Knight and Dei is coming along well, and I may get it done before Everfree NorthWest (despite how slow I work). Here's a sneak peek at the second chapter of our fearless human tour guide and his adorable pegasus tourists.

Knight and Dei - Pony Rides
Independence Day - Part Two

One thing to remember about Equestrians is that earth ponies grow the food, and they all eat the food, but that doesn’t mean all of them are able to cook the food. Pegasi in particular—at least by my personal experience—would starve to death in a fully stocked kitchen, if they did not burn it down first.

Morning arrived to the sound of the RV smoke detector going off, like it did on many occasions. Dei had once managed to burn cold cereal, and Knight’s culinary expertise began and ended with carrot dogs on the grill al la flambe. I swear he’s part Cajun. Thankfully, the pegasus couple was fairly unmoved by my relative state of undress, although I had to turn off the stove burners as far away from the pancake pan as possible so my bare legs would not get splattered by sizzling vegetable oil.

“Pancakes?” I guessed, based on the fact that an empty box of the mix was in the trash and many of the usual ingredient suspects were present in a bowl, plus a few.

“Alfalfa flapjacks like my mother used to make,” declared Dei. “More-or-less.”

“More burnt,” I said, dumping the charcoal remnants into the trash, “and less nutrition. How about I toast some of the frozen ones—” I stopped my cleanup attempt, looking at where Knight had most of our last package of frozen waffles in his mouth, chewing frantically to hide the evidence with puffed-out cheeks.

“Was hungry,” he muttered through the mess.

“Da!” declared little Twilight from the edge of his parents’ bed, where he was watching the ongoing disaster with eager eyes, most likely taking infant notes for when he was a big pegasus and could top the disaster.

The schedule for this morning was a little tight, but nothing I could not work around with lessons that I had learned from my own human mother and several weeks of pony experience. I chased the pony family out of the RV for a brisk morning of antique tractor and farm equipment examination at the ball park just a down the hill from our parking place, then set to cleaning. At least Twilight would like the machinery better since he could actually touch the exhibits, and it was outdoors as opposed to Pioneer Village’s indoor displays.

In order to get everything done and still give the ponies time to recreate, we would have to cut a few corners, and when Knight and Dei came back all happy from their ‘farm toy’ exploration, I was as ready as possible.

Alfalfa crepes were as close as I could get to Mama Pegasus’ recipe, with a couple of regular pancakes made from scratch and glued around a tuft of alfalfa with the last of the syrup. Seeing no objection and nearly losing a finger from the rapid parental snarfing, I passed over the manebrushes so the family could get each other presentable for church outside in a flurry of shed hairs while I found my khaki slacks and a polo shirt. Somehow, I did not think the Methodists would approve of my usual cargo shorts and colorful t-shirt even if I was bringing some unique guests to morning worship.

Technically, church should have been an occasion to wear my suit, but since the guests of honor were going naked as Adam and Eve…

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glad to see you keep up the great work

The wait is finally over!

Glad you're still alive -- though it would admittedly be impressive if you weren't and were still writing. :D
And thanks for the updates. :)

Georg #4 · July 19th · · ·

I would need a ghostwriter I suppose.

Reese #5 · July 19th · · ·

In a somewhat literal sense, yes. :D

... I remember an old Nickelodeon show about a literal ghost writer. Used to watch it all the time actually! Now there's this story that you haven't released yet and a new chapter?! Why do you keep dropping little teases like this? Are you just trying to string my addiction out that much?!

No, you would be a ghost writer. We would still appreciate all that effort even as we mourned for you. :fluttershysad::pinkiehappy:

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