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  • Thursday
    Griff’s PSA (EqG)

    ”It isn’t very manly for a woman to have to cook for and clean after you. I’m Griff Adler, and I recommend this special technique to make you more manly!”

    Griff tugged Metamorphosis into view.

    ”Marry a man and have him cook and clean after you!”

    ”…Griffy, who are you talking to?”

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  • Wednesday
    Just had a conversation with my mom

    She’s gonna talk to my therapist to see if he can recommend a psychologist!

    This is a good thing.

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  • Wednesday
    If there’s one thing I hate about my mom

    It’s that she gets pissed when one thing goes wrong with my schedule. I was twenty minutes late to a class because I got the time wrong. And even though I participated and completed the assignment she still gets pissy with me and says I can’t be on my phone after school.

    She still fucking grills me about my math grade like it’s her fucking priority what I do.

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  • Wednesday
    Dare me to drive?

    Lol just kidding. My mom just wanted me to crank the car up for her. Busy day today since I woke up this effin’ early.

    Strawberry Watermelon Rise kind of tastes like carbonated chapstick. Eugh. But I’m definitely awake now.

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  • Wednesday
    Boy is a geek

    We’ll not talk about how one of his legs completely disappears behind the other. Now I definitely think this lil’ gremlin is ready for the voice of Mabel Pines lol. Whaddya’ll think?

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Concoction (EqG) · 1:39am July 19th

Griff stumbled around the empty suite in a loose tuxedo, falling onto the futon with his fresh hot chocolate and reaching for his bottle of bourbon.

”Thiiiiis...” he poured some of the bourbon into the cup, swirling it around. ”...plus this... he took a sip in front of the fireplace.

”...equals therapy. Heheh, who needs a counselor...?” he chuckled and continued drinking.

This was a very warm July evening.

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Comments ( 26 )

”It’s like...really good...eheheheheheh...”

Meta is going to kill you

mix different kinds of drugs from the pharmacy

”Meta’s not even heeeere...” *still drinking*

”Good idea...I guess?”

come on bud, I’ll show you how to have a real good time! *smirks and takes him*

*finishing his drink* “D’you think I should get some whipped cream for it...?”

”Good idea!” *heading into the kitchen* “The kids are asleep, so...I’ve got the living room all to myself!”

”Heh, what’s Meta gonna do? I’m safe.”

*yelps, spraying whipped cream in his face*

*Wipes it off* "We've talked about this."

”Talked about whaaat? You never said anything about hot choccy.”

"I know you're drunk."

"You smell like alcohol."

”Oh. Heheh...yeah, maybe...?”

*Drags off* "Bed. You. Sleep."

”B-But I was just about to—“

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