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  • 2 weeks
    So where is Ms. Glimmer and the Do-nothing Prince?

    As I wrote, it is complete but I've been delayed in the revisions. My pre-reader has a life, too. I have finally contacted Syrupppy, my cover artist, and commissioned drawings—and I am excited, as you should be, too. I am also working on revising an SF story (non-MLP) and feeding it to my beta reader. Follow me on Mastodon at @sfwrtr. I'm preparing to

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  • 6 weeks
    Working Title: Ms. Glimmer and the Do-nothing Prince

    Length: 132,500 words. Genres: Action/Drama/Mystery/Military/Romance. Status: Complete, in Revision. Characters: Starlight, Prince Blueblood, Sunset, Twilight, Moon Dancer, Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia, Sunburst, Shining Armor, Others: Streak, Citron, Proper Step. Expected Serialization Date: March 1st.

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  • 17 weeks
    Five Things About Work in Progress #5ThingsWIP

    Trending on other platforms: List attributes of your work in progress. I'm doing that now, to reassure my followers I'm still alive writing. I challenge you authors to do the same and to link our posts together! Try not to give away spoilers. Please use the #5ThingsWIP tag.

    1. Falling for somepony and their imposter leads to strange bedroom consequences.

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  • 18 weeks
    Cover Art and the Art of AI

    Cover art for an author is important—for an Indie, more so. Critical. It sells your book.

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  • 19 weeks
    I've joined the Federation

    I didn't want to start the meltdown at Twitter but, considering the timing, it's all my fault! No, not gonna write Star Trek. I did get an account in the Fediverse, however, because I needed an outlet for my non-MLP writing, including talking about SF&F writing, and stuff. Immediately, Twitter broke. (At

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Metaphoric Vehicle in the Shop · 8:29pm Jul 17th, 2021

I have a prospective pre-reader now, but applicants are still welcome. I hope to get back on the road by Monday. A swift calculation shows I have between 24 and 30 chapters written that you have yet to read! ...with about another 5 to 10 to write, so there’s plenty to come. Please pardon my tardiness. If you like what you’ve read so far, Starlight has only just begun to fight! Meanwhile, have you read Messing with the Wrong Alicorn is Not Optimal? Not Starlight, true, but this 7 year old girl is feisty. When asked if she wants to be an earth pony, a pegasus, or a unicorn, she says all of them. She is granted her wish—what could possibly go wrong?

EMessing with the Wrong Alicorn is Not Optimal
When CelestAI uploads a 7 year old girl, the AI doesn't understand the semantics of the wish. It learns quickly, or does it? You don’t want to fight an imaginative little girl about some things, especially if you agree to make her an alicorn.
scifipony · 9k words  ·  25  8 · 761 views
Report scifipony · 97 views · Story: The Runaway Bodyguard · #Delays
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