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A new Chapter is up, Scroll is back, and progress on a new story is progressing rather well. · 7:00pm Jul 16th, 2021

So if things keep going as they are, I might go back to my weekly schedule for Desperados, yay to that. and if things go real well, chapters my come out in batches, which means you all might get to see the end to Desperados sooner.

in other story news, what's still currently being called "A Wastelanders Tale" has been a rather fun to wright, and chapter has been drafted out. this has also allowed me to feel out exactly what I'm doing with this story, and what I'm doing with the characters. What I have so far is a story about a young mare who ignorantly throws herself into the wasteland, having the tools to survive, but not the tools to avoid the real danger, evil ponies. Sex and violence will be front and center, not being shyed away from, all as the main character, Lottery, deals with it for the first time. So ya, this will be a 100% for adults only story, so be warned.

As for where it takes place, that has been stamped out, and it works well in my opinion. The story will center around Ursa's Rest, a "Fun Zone" built by the Ministry of Moral that is at the cross section of several city's, where ponies can stop and have a fun time at they travel. Its landmark, a gigantic statue of a Ursa Major that is part of the main building, can't be missed, and would survive the war, becoming a trader settlement that still stands in-between several major settlements. Most impotently, it's the main stop for any pony traveling from Friendship city to Fillydelphia. This, which Lottery will learn too late, means that Ursa's Rest has been involved with the slave trade for far longer then Redeye had been around, and few ponies there will actually care to stop the evil around them so long as the caps flow.

anywho, I plan to draw a simple Lottery in several outfits, a few involving the Ursa's Den casino staff, which was a fun act of imagination if I say so myself.

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I can't wait!

Sounds like a fun place to take the whole family for a nice, relaxing wasteland vacation!

probably use to be, you got to put the kids somewhere while your off gambling.

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