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Delays, D*@n Delays, and Statistics · 8:13pm July 15th

I am looking for a pre-reader. I am now posting chapters that I have written, proofed, copy-edited, and polished all on my lonesome. Some few bits may be... odd*. :twilightsheepish: You can help!

I have posted so far 67,000 words in The Runaway Bodyguard. I have written 130,000 words. I have about 20,000 words to go to finish it. I don't need copy-editing. I just need someone to point out awkward constructions, wrong/missing words, silly stuff you can't notice by reading out loud. Noticing plot holes wouldn't suck.

Please be my friend. :scootangel:
* While I was born in an English speaking country, by a strange quirk of child development and my mom putting me in a Montessori, I spoke French before English, forgot the French and never recovered. I went on to struggle to get Cs in English throughout school, became a liberal arts student who loved computers, loved essay tests and term papers, then I took up writing SF novels as an avocation. Go figure....

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I can help, though I'm not sure what turn around time I can promise, depends on how much my existing authors dump on me and whether or not I've recovered from burnout

I am looking for a pre-reader.

I've heard it said there are groups for this somewhere on the site. Perhaps if you searched...?

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