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Hey wanna help decide what happens in Cake Mix 2? · 7:21pm July 15th

Okay these posts usually don't get much attention or comments, so this might be a waste of my time, but just in case I wanna try.

So my original plan for the next chapter isn't working out. So I'm trying something different. I need Angel Cake to go somewhere/do something before heading back toward Sugar Cube Corner. I just don't know 'what'

Maybe to get lunch somewhere else? Does she see a dress and decide to put it on?

What do you guys want to see? Or rather do you have any ideas suggestions?

Please leave them in the comments.

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Maybe she runs into Rarity who takes her to the spa or something like that.

Goes out and gets drawn into shopping with Rarity who helps her pick out a stunning, sexy dress!

I will second the spa trip with Rarity.
New pony in town? She's a mare! She might have new gossip! Now, how to get that tasty gossip... IDEA~! THE SPA! I shall treat her to a spa trip, and she shall treat me to... why does that mare look familiar?

I don't think this qualifies.



Seeing a lot of Rarity suggestions. I might be able to work with a spa date. Not sure why Rarity would randomly take Angel Cake to the spa though.

I'm the one that made the Group

and I say it does !

Rarity is going to make Angel-Cake a dress, sees that she is (not felling so good), and gives her one of her free spa copon
and Angel gets her female body masaged

I was going to say she should get drawn into trying dresses on with rarity, but that seems to be covered.

Question I have is, if you go with Rarity, does she recognise her?

Also, maybe need some applesauce for a baking order and gets roped into helping make it, the extra exhausted and could go with this suggestion: 5555662



I have an idea. Though I don't think we're going with dresses. Given they are ponies in this, I'm not really feeling it for her trying on new clothing. That seems to be something I'll save for one of the anthro stories.

Okay, well I personally don't see how this applies to that. This story isn't driven by fans like the 'vote at the end of each chapter' types. This is a one time deal. I'm not sure what the point in trying to submit it there would accomplish.

Not trying to say I don't appreciate the offer, I'm just a bit confused by it is all.

you make a blog-post and ask it in the group

Ah, that makes sense.

Two for one special, nopony to go with her, new pony to grill for gossip, and an opportunity for a new customer? I hardly call that random.
Throw Pinkie in the mix, then it'll be random.

While I can see Rarity being generous and inviting a new mare to the spa, I'd find it hard to believe she'd randomly walk around town and just pick a random pony when she has a ton of friends she could invite first.

Regardless, I have an idea.

True. And if you have an idea, it'll most likely work better.

Maybe she sees Angel is looking stressed or maybe Cupcake suggests it.

How about she decides to spend more time with Caramel and Gala? She hasn’t actually gotten his point of view on the whole magic book incident yet, and I think it would be nice to see more interaction between the two of them while Angel truly begins to accept the idea of playing the single mare.

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