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  • 109 weeks
    weird food talk

    so hear me out
    cheddar jalapeno brats are basically nachos but no chips
    you got cheese you got jalapenos and you got meat
    so would it be that bad if i put sour cream on it?

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  • 109 weeks
    Something i made a while ago

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  • 110 weeks
    ask away

    2 comments · 103 views
  • 110 weeks
    Random thought

    If go through the door, did went catch it?

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  • 111 weeks
    You're gonna hate me for this

    Why is a sand castle faster than a horse

    Quicksand :pinkiecrazy:

    3 comments · 89 views

Man... I've been gone a while · 2:18am Jul 14th, 2021

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Damn, that's a lot

Long time no see, buddy. How have ya been?

Oop. That's a lot.

No don't be sorry, no worries :twilightsmile:

I'm glad your back, how's it going?

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