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    What do foreigners think of China?

    I have trouble accessing Youtube because of the Great Firewall.

    But I can meet a lot here...Occasionally you see blogs about China, but the content is really bizarre.
    So I blog here, I want to know.

    If you like, tell me what China is like in your state media reports.

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    Yuan Longping, father of hybrid rice, died

    Yuan Longping, winner of the Medal of the Republic, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Research Center, and former vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, died of multiple organ failure at 13:07 on May 22, 2021 in Changsha. He was 91 years old.

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What do foreigners think of China? · 5:47am July 13th

I have trouble accessing Youtube because of the Great Firewall.

But I can meet a lot here...Occasionally you see blogs about China, but the content is really bizarre.
So I blog here, I want to know.

If you like, tell me what China is like in your state media reports.

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Comment posted by Bendy deleted July 13th

I have been watching a game from China for years, which called QQSpeed. And I also tried to access WeChat, which was impossible for me. From what I heard, they check your account every month and it showed how hard your country is on Internet, which control the blogs and make people have to follow what the government require. But I have met a lot of Chinese people, they are friendly and sociable too. I am not sure what the other people thinks and sees but in my opinion, mostly, Chinese people are very good.

Sorry if I wasn't into the main topic, but it is my opinion.

Reviewing our account data every month... ?

This may reduce the number of scammers on QQ and WeChat, but in fact most Chinese netizens believe that big companies are collecting our user data and making illegal profits from it.
Online privacy protection is very difficult in China... Because almost all software will ask for your address book permissions, file access permissions, and location permissions.

This is true even for software that doesn't use address book and location permissions.

As for blogs... Can you tell me more about it? What do Chinese blogs look like in the eyes of foreign countries? The information you gave was a little sketchy. I hope there will be more details.

thank you

I haven't read any Chinese blogs yet, so I'm not sure about it, that was why I wasn't talking into the my idea when reading blogs. You can send me some blogs so I can read and tell you about those.

P.s: Sorry for late reply, I didn't see your answer showing in the bell

Oh, that's all right. It's very kind of you to answer my questions.
But maybe we can simplify the process, I think most blogs in China are a garbage heap.

I think you just need to tell me what kind of way China is run in your media and personal impression, what kind of face China is, how China governs us, etc.
(Just pick the point you want to say, no answer is ok)

I really...I really want to know, because here and other extranets I have come across the statement is really scattered and strange.
thank you

About your question, I think I need more time to answer. And also, sorry again for late reply, I wasn't in this web often so I rarely check the messages

it doesn't matter

I understand that you should be more busy with your studies and life.

After days thinking, I finally have my answer, not about all, but about the government. I had heard what they did, like changed the map and forced people to recognize it as their own, lower the standard for who being poor, and many more things. After I recall all of that, I think the government was kind of harsh and wanted to keep people away from the rest of the world. It's my opinion, sorry for letting you wait, it was a hard question to talk about.

I understand, you're referring to Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. -- these are a series of lost territories in modern Chinese history, according to our view of history, namely the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China. It's just like the United States can't take a few stars off the map or its flag.Therefore, this concept is common and taken for granted for an ordinary Chinese person.

As for lowering the standards of the poor, I can only tell you that it is part of the formalism that exists in our country. I once went to a real poor village with my father to help the poor. There were only two old people in bed.
In fact, compared with the past, the number of poor families now is greatly reduced, but by no means completely disappeared, but compared with the past, most of the poor rural life has been much better.
Decades ago, my father and mother's family didn't even have enough to eat. Now it is only in my generation that we can live without worrying about food and clothing, and don't worry about expensive school fees.

Thank you for your kind answer to my question.
Chinese people may seem quite boring or conservative to the outside world, right?Our values and ways of doing things are far from the mainstream of the world...
But this is the way we are used to living.

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