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Crawlin' Out of My Hole Once Again · 8:04pm July 12th

I mostly lurk these days, though I do wonder if I oughta type up more blog posts whenever I want to blow off steam or show you art or ramble about stuff that may or may not even be pony-related. I mean, I've been drawing more ducks these days...

Regardless, nothing like some recent CheesePie content to get me talking, eh?

This comic is so sweet in so many ways. First off, Pinkie's roller coaster of emotions regarding Marble going off to a... very isolated college. Yeah, I don't blame her, given the very slim chance of Marble coming back to visit and having rare contact with her... I'd be upset too. At least when my sister went on her mission, we could still send weekly emails. And even when she's comforted and cheered up a bit, it's not enough to put her in a party mood, hence them calling Cheese Sandwich for help.

Still, when Pinkie had her talk with Marble and that they say they'll miss each other and that she looks up to Pinkie and that they love each other.... bwaaaah, this is the type of sister interaction I wanted to see Pinkie have with one of her non-Maud sisters! :raritycry:

Also, Applejack... her comforting and giving advice to Pinkie was so sweet, I love it when AJ's like this, she truly is the Team Mom!

And of course, Cheese. Loving how it's stated that he visits Ponyville more often (clearly the Mayor ships it), how he likes sending surprise gifts to Pinkie, and of course, how quick he is to take up throwing the party for Marble when Pinkie's unable to lift her own spirits enough to do so. And then Pinkie helps anyway because Cheese comes up with a... I wouldn't say stupid, but I don't think a cheese station would work for this party (I'd totally have one for my birthday party, though, where we'd have sandwiches and a 'Pastapocalypse' (what I call the hypothetical pasta dinner with ALL kinds of pasta). I do wonder if he made himself look stupid on purpose, because, well this is Pinkie's sister, she should have a hoof in planning this party.

Then again, the end of the story does suggest he really likes cheese... as if that wasn't obvious. :trixieshiftright:

And now I'm thinking of how in the Tommyverse version of this story, he has the regret of having not planned Tomato's 'going off to college' party thanks to them feuding at the time.

Cheese is a foal magnet, confirmed.

Also, more of those cute looks between them. Gets my CheesePie shipper heart all aflutter! :heart:

As I said, this comic is super sweet for many reasons and I love it.

Anyway, in the realm of real-life news...

~ I have not worn a mask since May, and I couldn't be happier about it. Yes, I'm vaccinated, though if I'm going to be honest, my mom made me do it. Still, it feels good to breathe freely at work and at the store and stuff, and not have to worry about the higher chance of high exhaustion in the summer, because those muzzles trap heat.

~ My brother joined the army. While he was at basic training, my sister-in-law stayed with us for several weeks. She got a puppy (named Nino, some sort of dachshund mix) and I was reminded of how destructive and hyper puppies are when we came home from stuff to find that he had pulled stuffing out of one of our chairs. He at least had a playmate in Bailey sometimes, but Bailey's an old beagle (eleven years old), so half the time she found him annoying, though most of the time, she just put up with him. My bro has since graduated and is studying foreign languages in California, sis-in-law is staying at a hotel while waiting for housing, and the rest of us will go out there to help them move stuff in and visit a bit.

~ And we got to run the Dirty Dash back in June! Running and wading through muddy pits and obstacle courses are a fun way to keep cool on a hot day. Sadly, my slathering of mud on the back of my neck did not prevent a sunburn. Bummer.

~ Other fun stuff we did this summer so far: Hike to a suspension bridge in the mountains, trampoline park, amusement park (we even went swimming in the water park within the park), swimming in a lake (water levels were lower because we're in a drought, and it's kinda concerning), train ride, and visiting cousins for a Fourth of July barbecue (on the fifth, haha) and playing Jackbox games. I enjoyed Quiplash, that was hilarious. Prompts I had included "Worst thing that could be sold from a food truck" (my answer was "Individual Reese's Pieces"), and "Most presidential name not taken by an actual president" (I answered with "Dennis the Menace").

~ Our two oldest chickens, Peanut and Summer, passed away within a few weeks of each other. Heck, I found Peanut dead in one of the nest boxes just yesterday (my sister Marshmallow Wings had found Summer at the coop's gate a few weeks before that). Both girls were eight years old, which is not too shabby for chickens, given they live between 5-10 years. We had small funerals for both, though I was in class during Summer's, but I was at Peanut's. The sheep ruined it by running wild all over the place (the chicken coop is within the sheep's corral) and Marshy had to shoo them away with a shovel.

Funny thing, earlier in the year my sister Artsy Notes had wondered if we would get baby chicks this year, but the rest of us were like... nah, we have six, that's enough. And then we lose our two oldest. Huh.

~ The guinea pigs are doing well, and everybody loves Peaches. Not that Meadow and Cream aren't adorable, they are, but Peaches is just the most docile out of the three. They are all tame enough to happily (and noisily) greet me when I come in the room, or jump in the lap of whoever's got a treat. It's so cute! :twilightsmile:

Also, size comparison between newborn Peaches and her at five months:

Well, I guess that's it. I would like to know if you would like to see me talk more or show more art, even if it's not pony-related. Might be rodent- or duck-related, but it is what it is. I do feel like I oughta talk more around here.

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Good to hear from you! I should've known the comic would do it.

Also, that is a guinea pig of exceptional magnitude. :twilightoops:

Great to hear from you. Man this was a fantastic comic.

I do wonder if he made himself look stupid on purpose, because, well this is Pinkie's sister, she should have a hoof in planning this party.

He definitely did this on purpose. Take a closer look at that scene, it shows Cheese sandwich tearing out a note labelled "dessert station" and hiding it in his pocket!

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