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Rarity-CMC comedy still bogged down, replacing with other ideas; Pre-reading offer remains · 9:36pm Dec 4th, 2012

Hello once again, everypony! :twilightsmile:

So, after thinking yet more about the poor comedy stuck in the works, I think I've found out perhaps the main reason of its nonexistent progress. This reason is the lack of an inspired idea behind it. I conceived this story out of belief that I needed to make a comedy (or comedies) :derpytongue2:, but since its very beginning it felt artificial as opposed to natural. In all frankness, I could have been done with it weeks and weeks ago, since I do have enough energy to write, even if some of it is being sapped by extra work. However, because of not feeling inspired or motivated to write the story (instead, more often than not I end up feeling discouraged), I feel more like playing a game or making one of those ludicrously long comment walls of mine you can see on EqD and Discord's Domain; it feels as if I have to write the story without actually wanting to, and as a result I turn to something else.

So I say, to hay with that. The story has been sitting in the working area without a single alteration for weeks, and in that time I had several new ideas and developed a couple older ones further. Now the poor comedy about Rarity and the CMC is just clogging up the space at the top of the queue. Enough of that. I'll just put it on hold and finish it when I do get inspiration for it, or at least when its events and flow become clear enough in my head to be written out easily.

The idea most likely to get turned into a full story next involves some of the Mane ponies' pets, and is also a comedy. The difference between it and the Rarity-CMC one is that I don't feel forced to write it, but rather inspired to. Inspiration makes for one hay of a difference. I'm not yet at the level where I can produce a praiseworthy story, for example, from an arbitrary prompt, not even at the level of making a good story without inspiration for it. Maybe it's just the way I go about it, as there is no universal recipe for writing.

Either way, I hope I'll have better luck with this idea.

Now, those of you brave explorers of TIM text walls who have volunteered to have a proofreading look at the story that is now getting suspended, worry not. The deal is still on, except now it'll be a different story. If you're fine with this (or not), let me know in the comments.

Thank you for your patience. :twilightsmile:

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