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Did I mention I have my MS in computer science? · 5:12am July 11th

Well, I do. I earned it last year. I don't think I made a blog post about graduating here on FimFic, but it's a thing that happened. I have a diploma hanging on my wall in a tastefully minimalistic frame and everything. It's pretty neat.

Relevant, because in my spare time in the last few days, pretty much on a whim, I programmed this:

It's a multi-threaded fractal image generator. It runs in your web browser. It's free and open-source. It needs more features, and I have a few planned, but the essentials all work right now, and I'm proud of it, so here you go. It makes cool pictures that look something like this:

I write computer programs. It's what I do when I'm not making plushies for customers, or writing stories, which I haven't been lately, because after finishing up Sunrise I'm taking a little break while I wait to hear back from EqD regarding it.

...Also, while I'm taking a break, I need to find a real job. That's kind of important. Graduating right around the time that 2020's Covid lockdowns went earnestly into freaking end-of-the-world mode didn't do me any favors. Leads welcomed. Anyone know a place that's hiring software engineers / devs / programmers / IT / more or less whatever having to do with computers? Maybe it's gauche to ask here, but... well, whatever, you never know unless you ask, do you?

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I’m no help there. I took a four year degree in 1988 and wound up in tech support, which is far less stress but not programming. I’d die in the programming world now.

That is an amazing program! I wish you luck in your job search. Have you considered looking on USAJobs? I know the federal goverment is always looking for programmers and people with IT experience.

Good luck!

If you know java, then maybe you could learn C# and help me program my game because it's slowly making me lose my mind. :applejackunsure:

Edit: I'm afraid I don't know anyone that can hire you. Sorry. :twilightblush:

My employer has openings; but only in front-line tech support, which I would not recommend unless you're a serious masochist.

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