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  • Friday
    I have a headache

    Sometimes I wish I could just stop being sad

    I get excited a lot, but when I get upset it’s like a slippery slope of perpetually negative emotions. I wouldn’t say that “nothing ever goes well for me” or anything like that. But sometimes I dunno.

    I just kinda wanna take a nap and be sad

    Anyone wanna join me?

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  • Friday
    I'm hungry asf

    Like, seriously. But I'm also picky as hell. I really want some sweet corn with the cool Queso-like herb sauce on it and some pasta salad but I can't fucking get it-

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  • Friday
    I slept in until twelve because I failed my Algebra test and I needed to cope

    It turned immediately from a B to an F after a 63. My Alg teacher said something about challenging us but Griff's big brain managed to forget everything about it. Miraculously I can remember song lyrics from something I've never heard before though. Oi.

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  • Friday
    I think I have a crush on the pink Amoeba Sister

    Shut up I really like science okay

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  • Friday

    That’s all I want for my birthday

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A Little Science · 11:28pm Jul 10th, 2021

“It’s been so many years since I’ve last seen my son...

...Passion Fruit.”

Starfruit sighed into the audio logger Umbra had given him, watching through the black tinted glass as he saw his son laughing and running around with his children.

”As time passes by, I see my nephews and niece, so innocent and pure...completely void of my corruption, unlike Passion and Ruben...and as I watch from the depths of Ruben’s chest, I start to realize that I’ve only been so very expurgate around young Pass because...because my father was the same way.”

”Starfruit, get your ass in here.”


”I was only about six years old. Rogelio was my pet lizard.”

He watched as Rogelio had been hoisted up in his father’s aura, before being taped down onto the counter and slowly dismembered.

Limb by limb.

”He was the only thing that’d been left of my mother, whom had donated her body to science. She wanted me to have Rogelio as a replacement.

‘Us ponies are the most fragile machines’, she said. Useless. Obsolete. Outdated. And it was only a matter of time before I started to believe it. Father was the most useless being I’d ever seen- it amazed me to see such a delicate flower like my mother compare herself to the likes of him.”

”Rogelio!!!” Young Starfruit cried out for the squirming lizard, whose tail would’ve grown back, but not his head.

His father smirked and swept the gooey lizard remains onto the floor.

”Don’t touch my fusion reactor again, ya little shit.” his father snarled, walking off.

”But alas, I utilized Rogelio’s remains, and...and gave father something he could finally be proud of me for.”

”You...you little faggot...” Starfruit watched blankly as his father coughed up mounds of blood, slumped over against the wall.

In front of the giant robotic lizard.

”...you’ve miscalculated.”

”Through Rogelio’s scrapped remains I fished around and dissected his brain. And then expanded it just enough for it to fit inside the newer, bigger, better body I’d built for him.

And when I looked into his eyes, I saw my mother...and how radiant she used to be...

Perhaps Rogelio wasn’t all he seemed. But I do realize that I shouldn’t have taken out my past trauma on my son.

Passion Fruit should have been my everything. He should’ve been everything more than a lab rat, an experiment, a...a beast, to me.

And I know that now.

And I’d do anything for a second chance.

...oh, son.

If only you could meet Rogelio...”

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Comments ( 26 )


Okay, now I feel bad for him...

Mhm...you do see who I named the lizard after, right? *snickering*

Yeesh, that’s just gruesome..



”It’s no use now...I’ve already failed him...”

How do you know that’s the case?



”No one trusts me anymore, not even him. I’ve taken his kindness and sensitivity for granted. Made him think he was a fool for being sweet old Passion...damnit, I...I’ll never be able to help him recover from...from the inflictions of the past...”

Well… maybe someone else will.

*sighs and nods* “Ruben will take care of him...that is my only wish...”

Of course he will. He always has.

Maybe not, but you can still do your best to make up for the past in small ways

”I guess, but...Ruben doesn’t trust me enough to—“

”That is all I needed.” *opens up his chest, spitting Starfruit out* “There is no room in Umbra’s heart for malice. However, call him Ruben again and Starfruit will be eaten.”

Where is Passion anyway?


”While Passion is in the other room, Umbra gives Starfruit permission to return to his lab and clean himself up. This will work as a subject in conversation. Umbra will handle the talking, will bring Starfruit up in conversation, attempt to get him to visit, and then overtime, you will work things out.”

*blinks, then smiles softly* “I...um...many thanks, Ruben...and...I’m sorry...sorry for...everything...”

”Apology is not necessary. But Umbra does wonder about this whole ‘dissecting organs’ thing...perhaps Starfruit could dig up my father’s pate and bring him back to life through technology?”


It’ll probably make sense once you get there, Starfruit.

Um...you guys can discuss that after you soften Passion to the idea of seeing his dad



*nods* “And...you all...thank you...I...I didn’t expect such swift acceptance...” *stands up* “...I have to pay you all back somehow. Please let me do something for you—I’ll mop the floors! D-Dump the resin when you’re done with it...a-and if I do something wrong you can make me sip the acid!” *sinks against the wall, shuddering*

Uh… maybe something a bit less… labor-induced.


”Someone please remind Umbra to get Starfruit a therapist after we convince Passion to take him in?”

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