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Twilight is best Mane pony and Vinyl is best BG pony. Discord is best draconqquus and I update on my own time.

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Good Afternoon · 9:18pm Dec 4th, 2012

Good afternoon, my little ponies! You guys haven't heard from me in a while, have you? I have a question I want my watchers (and any visiting ponies!) to answer for me! I was thinking of writing a story where Twilight and the rest of the Mane 6 are teachers at a school and write a story based on their relations with the students. Also, Discord would be a teacher as well. Would anypony be interested in reading a story like this? If so, what do you think everypony would teach?

Please let me know! I really need to get my writing juices flowing! This isn't an offical thing, I just wanted some feedback on this idea before I decide if I wanna write this or not.



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I would it sounds interesting

As for who teaches what.

rainbow dash- physical education
Rarity- art
applejack- some sort of agriculture class
pinkie- physics( she breaks it so often she has to know something)
as for discord im not to sure he's a bit of a wildcard

573461 I like your ideas. I personally can see Twilight teaching Magic History. it would be quite a fit for her. :twilightsmile: Discord is defintely a hard one to place.Perhaps he teaches a magic class to the unicorn students (within tight restrictions of course.) :trollestia:

573472 how about instead of him being a teacher make him principal?

573490 Perhaps the co-vice principal. I can just see Celestia as the principal and Luna as his co-vice principal.

573472 well considering he is believed to be as old as Luna and Celestia you could probally use him as a teacher for ancien equestrian history or something of the like

573506 Sounds good. But you better make Derpy a teacher! That would make the story 20% more awesome! (overused joke is overused)

573967 She could be the Home Ec. teacher and make many delicious muffins! :derpytongue2:

575170 good idea! Now I will kill you if you don't make it a reality :pinkiecrazy:

576533 If you do, the there will be no more stories. :ajsmug:

577981 Yes but if you obviously pass that opitunity up then we would know you'd got bad! :pinkiesmile:
So I'll kill ye' if ye' don't! :pinkiecrazy:

578015 But, what would be an interesting plot for the teacher ponies. I can't have them simply just teaching. Much too boring. :pinkiesick:

578106 Have you ever saw High school shows on TV? Just do that but not stupid like :rainbowlaugh:

578141 Don't watch TV shows much, expect for ponies. :pinkiehappy: I'll think of something. :twistnerd:

578499 You'd better also make it so it isn't all the time at that school and make it sometimes at other places

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