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Hi there! I love all things Wonderbolts and Soarindash related. Fleetfoot is my favorite Wonderbolt, Luna is my favorite princess, and Lightning Dust is my favorite antagonist. That's all for now! :)

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Songs of the Wonderbolts(Personality) · 12:30am Jul 9th, 2021

Hey y'all! As I said a few blogs ago, I was going to make a "Songs of the Wonderbolts" but for songs that I think suit their personalities. Again, this is just my opinion, so please feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments. Without further ado, here they are.
Spitfire: Just Like Fire by P!nk- I don't think this needs that much explanation really. She's a fiery spirit and she can totally do anything she puts her mind to, and will put her mind to great things for herself and those she cares about.
Soarin: Loyal Brave and True by Christina Aguilera- I think that this song perfectly represents Soarin's desire to be loyal and protect everyone he loves. I think he'd sometimes be conflicted and doubt whether or not he can be loyal and brave all the time, but he sure as hell will try. (I love this song, this was a good find:rainbowlaugh:)
Fleetfoot: Freeze You Out by Sia- It's a song about facing one's pain and whatever the world throws at them with the help of loved ones. I think that this song perfectly suits her because it's strong with a sensitive message. She herself I feel is delicate but has a very strong heart and spirit.
Rainbow Dash: Unstoppable by Sia- This song conveys two very different emotions, just like Rainbow. The chorus is all about being confident and fearless, but the actual verses are about being afraid and unsure about oneself.
Misty Fly: Burn by Ellie Goulding- She, like all the other mares on the team, are pretty badass. She knows that her passion and flair brings light and happiness to those around her. I can also see her being totally confident and just wanting to live her life.
Blaze: Speechless by Naomi Scott- Blaze is obviously a fiery soul. She will let nopony control her or tell her how to live her life. Along with the message, there is power in the song which I think represents her.
Lightning Streak: Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons- He hurts sometimes, and has his many anxieties, but always tries to put his best hoof forwards for others. He always tries to be strong, and always puts as much passion into everything he does.
Wave Chill: Sunday Best by Surfaces- It's literally a song about about being chill and making the best out of things. I hate that song with all my heart, but he can wear it well because it showcases his carefree demeanor which can sometimes come across as immature, but also his maturity in always wanting to make the most of things.
Surprise: Walking on Sunshine- It's a very upbeat and cheerful song which perfectly suits surprise. I can 100% imagine her bouncing along on the tips of her hooves singing this about her boyfriend and honestly I love it. It also totally works for like a canon version of her too and not just what I imagine her as.
High Winds: It's happy but not too upbeat. I think that Winds would definitely be one of the more tame Wonderbolts in terms of how they have fun. But I think she'd like drinking(wine or something) and dancing with a partner. I can hear the giggles now.
Fire Streak: What's Happening Brother by Marvin Gaye- Fire in my mind is the protector of his brother. He's the more mature one(thought Lightning is far from immature) and the one who takes care of him more. This song is about reaching out and having hope through dark times. I interpreted it to be someone turning to a loved one in times of need, and being someone's rock.
Rapidfire: Boy by Lee Brice- The song is about being a boy in his late teens and making bad decisions. I think that Rapid wouldn't necessarily be problematic, but just a teenage boy I guess. I don't know how to explain it, but it makes sense somehow. At the end it mentions growing up and settling down so I thought that was nice.
Sun Chaser: Arms by Christina Perri- I think that Sun would be the caretaker of her friends and those she cares about. She would put everyone before herself, and really only let a certain somepony do the same for her. She's a sweet one.
Silver Zoom: Dream on by Aerosmith- It's a powerful song for a powerful pony. He's older than most of the mares and the same age as most of the stallions. He'll joke around and all, but I think he'd be a very supportive member of the team and always be prepared to give advice and encourage his teammates to reach for their dreams.
Thunderlane: Dont Stop Me Now by Queen- I think that this song suits Thunderlane, because I think that he's gone through some character development since season 2. He's matured a lot I feel, and he's finally where he wants to be. What I imagine is a sort of montage of moments of him as a Wonderbolt with this song playing in the background.

Y'all, I spent hours looking for songs that suited them. Some were super easy but some... nope. Anyways, this was mostly super fun to do and I hope you enjoyed!

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Ooh! Love the choices!

Thank you! Those were the easy ones to find.

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