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    So I just tried Mochi and Boba on the same day

    Mochi is like frozen dough- I tried the green tea kind and it was pretty good. Like those strips of gum kinda consistency

    The boba I had was a cool peach flavor. Bubbles were yummy as hell.

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  • Today
    Oh my god

    I’m actually taking the first steps to making a friend on Discord

    She said I give off gamer vibes ^w^

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  • Today

    This shit came out two months ago and no one told me?


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  • Today
    Turns out Matt has a “Wiik 3” mod

    It’s fan made but it fucking bops lol.

    I just kind of imagined Griff confronting his dad in a rap battle and this shit just happens.

    For context, I get most of my smarts and argumentative wit from my dad. So you can imagine that this song is probably what it sounds like when we argue lol.

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  • Today
    Finished the movie

    It was kind of enjoyable. I grimaced through it at the cliche moments. But the humor was cool I guess.

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She’ll Get It Right Eventually... · 8:05pm July 8th

[Silverstream had sued Ocellus- and at this point, they’re each on a stand]

”Oh, hey Gabby.”

”You know that’s not my name!”

”I’m sorry, sorry.”


”’s nice to see you, Princess Skystar.”

”You mother—“

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Seriously Ocellus? Have you been taking peer identification lessons from Ember?




*slams her head on the podium*

”Order in the court!”

”Hey, hold on, this isn’t fair, your dad’s the f*cking judge!”

*shrugs* “I trust his judgement. Plus, he does this on the weekends.”

*chuckles* heheheh, oh noes

Ooh! I call Bailiff!



”Long as you don’t steal my thunder.”

*Clears throat* All rise, the honorable Griff Adler presiding

*blushes and sits down in his oversized gown* “Thank you.”

*sighs* “Your honor, the defendant put dye packs in my underwear drawer when she was sleeping over.”

”They needed a splash of color!” *places her hooves together peacefully* “What’s wrong with a little tie dye to clear your chakras?”

*Looks at Griff*

”Mmm...Ocellus isn’t guilty and I sentence Silverstream to 48 hours of community service.”

”That’s not fair!!!”

”I trust his verdict, and it is what it is.”

This concludes our trial...I think...


”I don’t really care, I just want ice cream.”

”Yay!” *licks it, curling up on his seat* “Court is adjourned.”

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