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Long ago, there were nine stories... · 5:20pm July 8th

Eight of which had perished.

But the ninth? It's still here:

Kinda reminds one of a simpler time. A time before clopfics and foalcon, with the resulting moral debates that followed. A time before people started arguing whether it was right or not to throw a child into an eternal prison without trial.

And most importantly, a time where we had thousands of users active every day instead of only 1,000 - 2,000 in the present.

Of course, I'm exagerrating slightly since I joined this site around the same time the show was ending and when a majority of people moved on. Therefore, I don't have an exact idea of how things were like back in the old days. But what I do know was that the fandom was thriving back then.

Then again, who's to say the numbers won't rise up again? If My Little Pony: A New Generation turns out to be a glorious success and it brings in some new fans, we might see a renaissance of the old days...

Or it will turn into a civil war very quickly. Or there won't be that many new fans because the movie sucked. Only time will tell. :twilightsmile:

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General consensus is that stories 1-7 were created by Knighty merely for debugging purposes, and had little in the way of actual writing. The 8th created story, in the other hand, was apparently meant to be an actual story by an independent author, and it was available for public viewing at some point, but no chapters were ever published (back then, you were apparently allowed to publish a story with no chapters) and it was eventually deleted. Therefore, Greatest Equine is commonly bestowed the title of "first".

Cool. Kinda makes me interested to know more about the history of this site. :twilightsmile:

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