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Are Age-Ups Foalcon? · 12:08pm July 8th

After a certain recent incident, I unpublished all of my aged-up CMC stories. Because I didn't want people to attack me.

And also because I want to be a good person, but what even is a good person? Only God know and God likes to keep silent, the bastard.

But I was looking for Aslan/Jadis on AO3 this morning (because apparently The Problem of Susan1 isn't enough for me) and I'm like, 'boy howdy, those Narnia fans sure do like their Pevinsies'. And Prince Caspian. That one always was my favorite book. With all it's hot dragon-transformation action. I assume these stories are aged up. I hope so. I really don't want to know.

And like.


First people were handsy with me when I was a child. In a hell-that-is-public-school practice for prison rape sort of way. And I had a pastor who liked to make me tell him my sexual fantasies. A sign of my future greatness as a pornographer for sure. But creepy. So I DO NOT FUCKING LIKE FOALCON.

Yet awakening sexuality is an interesting theme and Harmony damn it if those CMC peers aren't charming. We were all underage at one point. So why not look forward in the timeline?

I don't know. I unpublished, not deleted. Stories not going anywhere. Exactly one person has missed them, so it's not a big deal I suppose. There's another category of stories I've removed that are not coming back. Never. Nope.

Ugh. I wish I could write those nice, silly fluffy stories I enjoy reading, but I can't even figure out how.

Anyway, that's all.

The one Aslan/Jadis I found is absurdly good. I wish I could link to it.

1 The problem of Neil Gaiman somehow not noticing how horny Narnia is, more like it.

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Author Interviewer

I feel like anyone arguing this is doing a slippery slope fallacy. I mean, everyone was a kid at some point, so is there ever an age at which they can be depicted sexually that doesn't remind us of that?

I mean, yes. :B

It's also definitely possible for those age-ups where the character is just barely [age], or legal and with a much older character, because the author wants to fuck the child character but knows better than to proclaim such.

Which, if you ask me? Is perfectly fine. Because they understand what is socially acceptable.

Basically, if the answer to your question is a blanket "yes", then anyone who has ever written a sexual story is a pedophile. Preeeetty sure that's not true.

I'm pretty sure no one will attack you for that one,for pretty much all the reasons PresentPerfect said.

Simply, if they're of age, they're not children anymore.

Wanderer D

No. I mean, you could make sure that they are legally adults in your stories. You're not glorifying the sexuality of children either. I think people just find it questionable when it's "aged up... but not really". The theme, story and presentation of the characters will speak for itself. If you have an actual aged up story, they won't feel like little kids.

I'd point out that in the non-pony art "community", people drawing lewds of explicitly stated and obviously shown to be adult versions of younger characters are frequently accused of CP and mobbed on social media.

"No bad tactics, only bad targets" lives on. If you're a Bad Person, nobody cares what you actually did or didn't do, and if you're a Good Person you can get away with almost anything.

sykko #5 · July 8th · · ·

If they're aged up, then it's no foalcon. The only foalcon stories I read are the ones that depict the adults as rapists and/or taking wrongful advantage of their naivety and innocence.

I'm a fan of the Tarnished Silver stories. The author depicts the adults as monsters and the foals as victims. I will say that because of how intense the stories are, they are not to be read lightly and will absolutely hate several canon characters with a passion.





Zontars has a point here. There's what's acceptable in Brony culture, and what's acceptable in other cultures. Brony culture is odd, there are a lot of parts of it I don't like, but they're generally pretty chill about all varieties of hetero/lesbian erotica. And increasingly chill with M/M erotica; at least that's the impression I get. Glad about that.

Brony culture is not my only culture. Admittedly furry is the main one and furry culture is, in this regard, 'like Bronies but gayer'. But I'm on Twitter, too, and I'm pretty honest about everything I do. Might not post directly to certain things, but I'm not making any effort to hide my other identities either. Aaand I write orginal fiction, and even modest success in that attracts people who want to knock you down a peg.

The point is tho that no one on the internet cares about nuance.

And also there's the question of which hill I'm willing to die on. Am I willing to die on the 'Harkness-compliant non-humanoids are not zoophillia' hill? Yes. Absofuckinglutely. And this is controversial. And I willing to die on the 'my Sweetie Belle stories aren't CP' hill? Nope.

Honestly in the later case I'm not fond of who my allies might be.

I don't know. Mostly the stories I removed weren't that great anyway. And I'm getting tired of writing erotica. Why did I even post this? :facehoof:

Wanderer D

5551664 I think the safest bet is simply what you're comfortable with.


That's definitely a kind of horror, I suppose. I'm not even brave enough to watch I Spit on Your Grave.

sykko #10 · July 8th · · ·

I spit on your grave isn't horror, it's a revenge femsploitation movie. The 2015 remake tried to cash in on the torture porn craze all the studios were doing at the time. Instead of being the disturbing story that the 1977 original was, it wound up being the bland toothless same-old-same-old "look at the gallons of blood and gore, aren't we scary and edgey?"

Does it really matter? We've already seen characters like a CMC aged up in the final episode of the series, you can just say you're writing about the "present-day" version of them.

Author Interviewer

Honestly, if that's your choice of hills to die on, you're probably making the right one. :B

all i can do is echo points made above, to me age-ups where the characters are actually written as adults are definitely not foalcon. though like you i am far more willing to die on the hill of harkness-compliant sex being perfectly fine morally speaking. but the important thing is finding out what you're comfortable with, and following it. i just wanted to drop a line to say that i always appreciate erotica writers that at least consider the possible impact and ethics of what they write. everyone's moral lines differ, but pretending that creative work exists in this vacuum that does not affect nor is affected by the outside world leads to brain worms.

My two cents (For whatever it’s worth):
As long as they’re written as true adults, (i.e. NOT an an 8-year-old mind in an 18yo body) then it really shouldn’t count, in my opinion.


i just wanted to drop a line to say that i always appreciate erotica writers that at least consider the possible impact and ethics of what they write.

Well thank you! I am very (mentally, not physically) horny. But I also want to be a good person!

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