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Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel. (Any Pronouns)

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    Happy New Year

    And let's make it a good one eh?

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  • 3 weeks
    Happy New Year

    And let's make it a good one eh?

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    *eye roll*

    me checking the dislike ratio on my new story

    Glad to know bigotry is still alive and well in this fandom.

    It's glad to see some of us didn't watch the same series as I did.

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    Final chapter up

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Me walking back into FIMfic be like... · 7:10pm Jul 7th, 2021

Basically. Jesus fuck, y'all.

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It's been a chaotic few days, to put it mildly.

Over the past week, I can’t even bare if something like that happens again.

Do I even want to know what you are on about now?

What's it about this time?

Hey, you watch Community too?:rainbowkiss:

... or is it just the pic you like? :twilightsheepish:

Context makes it so much more funny


Basically just general observations. It's been... a week.

Actually, no I haven't watched the show. But the image *soooo* fits what it's been for me lately, walking back into FIMfic after a bit of an absence.

I watched it all happen live, and it still absolutely fucking astounds me that this whole shitstorm started because someone tried to smuggle a MAP fic into a Pride Month event.

(Disclaimer: I'm not trying to critique the situation or anyone involved in it; I'm just commenting on that the fact that it's escalated as much as it has.)

So... I know what tried to get smuggled in, but what did it have to do with cartography?

…yup, this is accurate.

Comment posted by DracoBlair deleted Jul 8th, 2021
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