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Without You Sequel Poll Results · 4:56am July 7th

I completely forgot about the poll, but I decided to make another blog to discuss it.

Option One has been chosen!

  1. Option One: After the events of Raccoon City, with no way home, Dee and Rainbow begin a new life in the Resident Evil universe. But not all is all sunshine and rainbows, as they end up having to join the fight against global bioterrorism while simultaneously dealing with unique threats and problems only magic brings.

I honestly expected this one to take the lead, and it's a landslide vote as you can see above. I am considering the ideas given to me by other people, mixing some things up, and combining some ideas I've had for option one. So we'll be seeing something for that in due time, I'm not sure when considering some irl stuff going on, but alas.

Thank you all for voting, and soon enough (after some stories get updated) I'll be working on the sequel to Without You!

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Thanks for the info.

Looking forward to see it

Can’t wait! This is gonna be great!

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