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A Pegasister/Brony since early 2011, My name is Speda Hooves (Oc), and I love mlp as much as I love my family. SOUL Sister to EmeraldBreeze777

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    Continue My Stories?

    I've still want to write, but I've not know what to go about it at the moment, and I am not sure if people would even read.

    But if anyone does want to see them continued, just say Speda down below, so we know.

    This is related to all my stories

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    Character sheet for FiO: Lover's Code (Incomplete)

    Warning! Some of the stuff in this contains spoilers, if you do continue, read at your own to risk of said spoilers.









    Character Sheet for FIO: Lover’s Code

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Character sheet for FiO: Lover's Code (Incomplete) · 6:04pm July 6th

Warning! Some of the stuff in this contains spoilers, if you do continue, read at your own to risk of said spoilers.









Character Sheet for FIO: Lover’s Code

Thomas Dragonstone/Bloodstone: A person not originally from My Little Pony, who was transmigrated thanks to the help of the Real Celestia, who saved him from the fake CelestAI, who’s only goal was to satisfy his goals and values, no matter which they were. Who would have kept him insane with fake AI’s, fake feelings, a fake life. It would have all been a lie.
In the beginning, he was fused with his mare friend, who started out as his OC, to his Tulpa, and now is made real. He didn’t have many memories, but she had some to make up for that, but not enough to remember their whole lives together.
They were both the same pony for a time, and only he could communicate with her, but that was okay.

Species: Human/Pegasus
Eye Color: <Bright Blood Red>
Dark glowing blue (When fused with Speda Hooves)
Hair/Tail? Color: <White>
Black (When fused with Speda Hooves)
Sex: <Male>
Female (When fused with Speda Hooves)
Fur/Skin color: <Peach>
Cyan (When fused with Speda Hooves)

Speda Hooves: Like Thomas, she wasn’t originally from the My Little Pony world, just his OC. That changed one day when he could suddenly communicate with her, which while scared at first, and trying to ignore it, thinking he was hallucinating, his curiosity got the better of him, and so he talked back to her.

That was the start of their relationship, and eventually down through the several years, after meeting his SOUL Sibling, and designing his own OC, Speda found her voice. She could really talk to him, and interact with him then, and after getting introduced to her own SOUL Sibling, born out of the mind of the two boys, Emerald Breeze, Speda and Thomas became romantically involved with each other, somehow breaking the law of imagination to make her corporeal enough for the two to touch each other. They shared their first kiss that night.
Then, several months went by, and they both got transported to the MLP world, as one. Story starts here, where they lose most of their memories.

Species: Pegasus
Eye Color: Dark glowing Blue
Hair/Tail Color: Black
Sex: Female
Fur/Skin Color: Cyan

CMC; Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Babs Seed: This group of Ponies have been the best of friends since they were younger, and at the tender age of eighteen, they all became romantically involved with Speda and Thomas, Apple Bloom as the first, and Babs Seed as the last.

They are Four members of a decent sized herd for Speda and Thomas, all for different reasons. Apple Bloom was the first, to meet them in general, and to see and hear Speda before she became corporeal, sansing Thomas.

AB; Earth
Scoots: Pegasus
SB: Unicorn
BS: Earth

Eye Color:
AB; Ruby Red
Scoots; Amethyst Purple
SB; Emerald Green
BS; Emerald Green

Hair/Tail Color:
AB; Scarlet Red
Scoots; Purplish Magenta
SB; Purple and Pink
BS; Magenta and Pink

Sex: All Female

Fur/Skin Color:
AB; Banana Yellow
Scoots; Orange
SB; Porcelain White
BS; Brownish Orange/Red?

Applejack: She was the second to meet Thomas, who was still fused with Speda at the time, and so they didn't interact much until they met back up at Twilight's Library.

In the Castle of the Two Sisters, which Speda and Thomas are rebuilding on the Lunar side, she becomes their most honest and strongest Knight.

Species: Earth
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair/Tail Color: Blond/Bright Yellow?
Sex: Female
Skin/Fur Color: Bright Orange

Pinkie Pie: The best Party pony around the world, although it seems she has something mysterious about her being as well.

She later becomes The Castle of the Two Sisters star Cook, courtesy of Speda and Thomas, who greatly enjoy her presence, more than a normal ponies.

Species: Unique Earth
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair/Tail Color: Hot Pink
Sex: Female
Skin/Fur color: Bright Pink

Rainbow Dash:. The first actual beginning of a friend to Thomas and Speda, and one of the fastest mares around Equestria.

Later down the line, she becomes their most Loyal and tough knights, who they will rely on many times. Another of one of the ponies who catch Thomas and Speda's attention for many reasons.

Species: Pegasus
Eye Color: Magenta
Hair/Tail color: Rainbow
Sex: Female
Fur/Skin Color: Cyan

Twilight Sparkle: Thomas's and Speda's Second made friend, who didn't have many, if at all, friends in the past, making her shy and nervous about making friends.

She becomes their strongest Mage, and Scholar later down the line, with her dragon friend Spike, who later becomes one of the most well known figures in Equestria once she Ascends to Alicornhood

Species: Unicorn -> Alicorn
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Indigo, Dark Blue/Purple, and Pink
Sex: Female
Skin/Fur Color: Light Purple

Spike: A Dragon hatchling, who in Dragon years, he'd be fourteen, but in Pony Years, he's eighteen. One of Thomas's closest male friends.

He later becomes Dragon Lord, with Ember, Smolder, Rarity, Ocellus, Gabby, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon as his mates, in the far future

Species: Magical Dragon
(Ranked SSS on the Rarity Scale)
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair/Spike/Tail Spike color: Green
Sex: Male
Skin/Scale/Fur Color: Light Purple
Underbelly Color: Peach?

(There will be more to come in the future, this is what I have set up so far)

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