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Aligning on a Change · 5:43pm July 4th

On Thursday I thought "It's July; I guess it's time to switch back to my default avatar." And then I thought "Nah." So now I'm back on my default avatar, and I didn't even need to do anything.

But let's talk about The Magic of Cybertron #2 before someone starts to question my role here.

Today the wheel of morality tells us that respect is earned by being competent, not by having bigger guns, and that one shouldn't underestimate horses.

I can't help but respond to Spitfire's admonishment not to antagonize the Decepticons with "Starscream started it," and then respond to that with "But you're more mature than him and you should know better." But really, I'm pretty sure Starscream is a lost cause unless you're willing to invest a severely excessive amount of time into trying to befriend him, so it doesn't really matter anyway.

And correspondingly, Shrink Wrap started the next exchange of insults. You can't just call Soarin a flying glue bottle, Shrink Wrap. That's super racist.

I wonder how closely Sombra has to manage his slaves? Does he simply tell them to shoot at those not under his control, and they do it badly because they are subject to the Stormtrooper Effect? Or does he have to directly control how they shoot, causing them to miss because he personally is a bad shot?

I'm somewhat inclined to go with Spitfire on flying through a hurricane being scarier. Hurricanes don't shoot at you, sure, but winds don't miss.

I'd really like to analyze Skywarp's behavior in this first story in light of background information from the Transformers wiki, but I'm not really finding the information to answer the important questions like "Is the praise for Rainbow Dash sincere?" For all I know Skywarp is also dreaming of personal glory but is better than Starscream at subtle machinations (a low bar, I know).

I think we're all confused about how AJ got into that desert and where she's going. She was with Dash, Rarity, and various free transformers when we last saw her; how'd she end up alone in the middle of nowhere?

Unless of course she's dead. Everyone knows that when you die there is a desert, and at the end of it you are judged. But if so that would imply that Wildwheel is also dead. Plus I strongly suspect AJ will show up alive in the next issue.

In general, I think this story leans too hard into the aesthetic. It's pretty much just aesthetic all the way down. So I guess I have nothing more to say.

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A fun issue. Starscream and the Wonderbolts is one of those obvious team-ups. Would be great for Rainbow Dash to learn how Starscream is basically the least loyal creature in the multiverse and give him shit for that.

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