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Hi, my name is Heroic412227, but you can call me Heroic. I'm still learning how to be the best writer I can be.

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Who Keeps Downvoting The Comments? · 5:15pm July 3rd

Everytime I or other people post a comment, usually about something related to either my questions, projects, etc, someone keeps downvoting them. But who keeps downvoting them and why?

Sorry for being rude, but this is not only something that I've experienced for a while, but also something that someone else brought up as well.

Can someone tell me and others who keeps doing that and why? Again, sorry for being rude.

Anyway, thank you and have a great day.

Comments ( 7 )
Moon Quil #1 · July 3rd · · 1 ·

probably just a troll trying to start trouble

You're right.

Believe me, you and I are pretty much in the same club. People always downvote whatever comments I make even if they aren’t remotely offensive.

Vigriff #4 · July 3rd · · 1 ·

Someone with too much time on their hands.

Don't worry about people downvoting your comments, it's bound to happen. Honestly, I don't trust downvotes myself for this very reason. As far as stories go don't look at the downvotes look at how many upvotes you have.

You can't do anything about people downvoting your comments. In making this post I don't think whoever's doing it is going to come forward anytime soon. I've tried making a similar post like this in the past and it didn't work. It only made things worse. Making this post might do the same thing to you. Whoever is downvoting all of your comments is seeing this and knowing that it bothers you, they will keep doing it just to get on your nerves.

Something I was always told when I dealt with bullies growing up which is easier said than done, if you don't react to what they're doing then sooner or later, they'll get bored and leave you alone. Or at least that's the end result one would want to happen.

Don't worry about the downvotes on your comments, because you can't stop people from doing so. Unfortunately, I've seen people do this to other authors and it's very sad that people will do stuff like that and think it's okay. Seriously, I think if the comment isn't offensive or anything like that, it shouldn't get a downvote.

Ps. Watch this, I bet this comment will get downvoted too. Whoever's downvoting the comments will be making my point if they do.

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