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Taking the L · 3:57am Jul 3rd, 2021

Seems i let my emotions get the better of me in regards to that last blog. Suffice to say, after enough digging, it turns out the screenshot was from a convo in August 2020 of last year, however it also appears to be made by a person who wished to slander Ixu's name at the time. Ergo the connection is fake.

However this brings up an issue that someone out there tried to slander Ice Star at some point with a fabricated screenshot, and if someone like me can fall victim to believing it's lies, then we need to be careful in the future and take more action against people who would act with malicious intent.

With the revelation that it's fake, I will publicly apologize to Ice Star for the issue I spurred up. I fell victim to my own emotions and acted upon seeing a screenshot, when i should have dig more into its verifiablity before I posted it. Suffice to say, I fucked up hard and will delete that previous blog post haste.

I'm sorry.

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Thanks for the apology blog, Tiddy. I really appreciate it. And yeah, as I said. It's gonna take a lot to gain my trust back, but if you put in the work I'll be happy to be personal with ya again. Because the ability to take the L here and apologize shows good character. And while I am still upset, this makes me feel a lot better.

Good on you for admitting your mistake, that's all we wanted. None of us disagree that wishing violence on others is a heinous thing, we just won't hesitate to back up our friend when we know they wouldn't do that.

Now kiss...

Comment posted by Mike White deleted Jul 3rd, 2021
Wydril #5 · Jul 3rd, 2021 · · 19 ·

And that's why I wanted to wait to see what TS's role in this was. TS should have done more due diligence before posting the screenshot, but it was out of carelessness and not malice. It all turned out far better than the worst assumptions were certain it was.

None of us disagree that wishing violence on others is a heinous thing, we just won't hesitate to back up our friend when we know they wouldn't do that.

Yeeeah. About that. Remember when I said I didn't bat an eye? It's still there if you want to check.

So… I was right.

Well, I’ll be damn. But glad to know this wasn’t done entirely maliciously and we can accept the faults. Good on you.

Those of us supporting Ice mean no ill will to anyone, merely seeking to defend someone from horrid accusations, so we thank you for making this post and addressing the lies sowed from that screenshot. I'm glad the air could be cleared. Hopefully in the future in situations like this, accusations like this are taken with grains of salt. Thank you.

Stop stirring shit, man. No one gives a damn. The apology is all that was needed. Don't open this damn drama and wound again.

Smilez14 #9 · Jul 3rd, 2021 · · 3 ·

So someone in your discord chat reposted this faked image of Ice Star from 2020 and presented it to you like it was recent? Is that correct? If so, who is this source?

It was shared in mlpg server from what I was told. And, as Tiddy said, was faked to stir the pot at the time. It was from August 2020.

Wydril #12 · Jul 3rd, 2021 · · 15 ·

I'm just happy to see assumptions on all sides disproved and fallacies corrected, and it was definitely worth pointing out that all of the "character witnesses" who were so sure their friend would never say anything like that, were completely wrong. That's why you wait for the facts to come out before issuing judgments, and I think that's a worthwhile lesson to communicate to others. The more you know!

Hey!!! I’m super trying to understand your side of the situation, um, but what does the blocked name mean by “you seemed pretty nasty in that blog just then”?

What blog would it be referring to other than the drama that just happened this past week? Thankssss <333


You really use light mode when browsing Fimfiction?

You're worse than pedos.

You must really enjoy cancel culture on Twitter, huh?

Look, mistakes were made, words were said and the situation has been resolved (minus on who the imposter is).

Move on.

No idea, as it was a screenshot from 2020. That has been confirmed.

I guess my only question is, if it was from August 2020, who reposted it? She mentioned last blog there was a 'source' that this image was from.

That's harsh my dude. I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a triple soy latte mocha leche grande Mojito con fuego.
And we have.

I use it too :c

holy shit lmao

I could be in a coma and come up with a better lie than this

This was during Aryanne's time in the spotlight, so it was probably made to mess with Ice and make them look bad as Ice wasn't popular with Marenheit, or more specifically, the 4chan crowd around it.


In all seriousness, no, what Ice said in that first comment was not cool, and I'll tell him that myself. I hadn't seen that.

However, there is a stark difference between that screenshot and a fake one of him saying "I want to doxx all pedophiles, find their addresses, drive to their home, push them to the ground, put a gun to their head and pull the trigger."

I hope your foster parents are adopted and that their foster parents were well-adjusted people but didn't know how to raise kids, so they raised a bunch of spoiled kids that raised you.

I know that. But who brought it back up and presented it like it was from this week? Someone had to right? Someone had to have dug through the discord all the way back to August 2020 when this image was posted, grabbed it, then reposted it or presented it to TS.


it was definitely worth pointing out that all of the "character witnesses" who were so sure their friend would never say anything like that, were completely wrong.

*blinks; looks back up to the blog*

However this brings up an issue that someone out there tried to slander Ice Star at some point with a fabricated screenshot

with a fabricated screenshot

(and before you go at me, the shitty joke in that one screenshot and the literal threat in the fake one are of vastly different tones, so your comment remains inaccurate)

I'm going to, like, leave TS's blog alone now with this comment, since they shouldn't have to deal with too much drama from this point on since clarity has at last been brought to light. However, based on what little I've seen of your character, you're not going to back down because you prefer talking to the brick wall you created with your own bare hands. You will never leave well enough alone when the world wants to move on, so I'm moving along with it. PEACE!

I know who had given the screenshot, but I ain't naming names. All that is important is that it was shown for what it was, a fake. And the person who did grabbed it from way back then, which they said they had this screen shot for a whole, is feeling like shit. They apologized to Ice too, and is not a bad guy. He just made a bad call, which we all have before in our lives, and I don't look down on him for that.

Wydril #29 · Jul 3rd, 2021 · · 10 ·


I hadn't seen that.

And that was my only goal by posting it. What you decide to do with that, your business entirely. And yes, there is a difference between that and what was in the now-deleted screenshot, but it's not nearly as wide a gulf as people were insisting was holy scripture in the previous blog.
Hey, if you happen to see them, tell them they owe me a few years of child support. Thanks!

Ice Star #30 · Jul 3rd, 2021 · · 26 ·

This is the first thing post-2020 to surprise me. Now, I suppose we'll just wait and see if I have any reason to believe this too. Especially because I know that you wouldn't admit to any of this until honest shitposters, the site mods, and a whole host of good people twisted your arm to get you to admit to something as simple as you making a 'mistake' when you wrote your blog and threw my external profile information out into the site.

Frankly, I don't even have a 'fuck you' to offer for how absolutely disingenuous you are. I'm not into sloppy seconds, and I know this isn't the first time you've made of a bit of a mess on the site.

I guess I don't have to tell you where to go for 1:1 on DMs for this 'apology' you're so intent on giving. You only told the whole site.

Why do people even get mad at this post? Both screencaps are real lol

Nice to hear, but I'm not sure I believe you, but 5547721 says it better than I ever could.

5547679 5547720
Lol, I had already seen those, and the screenshots Titty posted were still obviously fake as fuck. We were completely sure that Ice Star wouldn't post that. But really, could you stop trying to stir shit about him so you can feel better about yourself and how you claimed it was totally believable?

So do I. Light mode users stick together!

Wydril #33 · Jul 3rd, 2021 · · 13 ·

Because it shows they didn't know their friend as well as they thought when they stood up to publicly (and incorrectly) defend his character. It's like fat people who throw out their scales. Unfortunately for them, this isn't Reddit, so downvotes don't hide the truth from view. :yay:

But really, could you stop trying to stir shit about him so you can feel better about yourself and how you claimed it was totally believable?

Aside from responding to people who aren't moving on saying "move on", I haven't stirred anything and explained my motivation. Why would I need to feel better about myself after claiming it was totally believable when I posted concrete evidence to show that? The only ones stirring shit who need to feel better about themselves are the ones who stood up to support an unwitting lie. Move on.

lite mode brother :)

fuk u

God, you still think your funny. That is a bit depressing

Also, your still here? Sorry, but shitspewing hours are currently close. Here, allow me to escort you.

It's not even that it came out of nowhere either. People were going "my friend would NEVER say something like that!" when it was just wrong

Wydril #37 · Jul 3rd, 2021 · · 11 ·

The degree of certainty being expressed in those claims all but required the posting of proof to the contrary. Also, the amount of passive aggressive "I can't move on, you move on!" posts coming my way are a great example of cognitive dissonance at work. People don't want to reevaluate how they see their friend, and yet the posts and the link to the originals are clearly still there. Therefore, they direct it at me so they can refuse to acknowledge those posts because if I'm at fault somehow, then what I said must be wrong and they can safely ignore it.


People don't want to reevaluate how they see their friend

I literally just said I would discuss that screenshot with him because I hadn't seen it before lol

Wydril #39 · Jul 3rd, 2021 · · 5 ·

Yes, you did, and I didn't mean you in that general statement. My apologies if it seemed I did, as that was not directed at you.

All good, you have yourself a good night :)

You too, take it easy! :pinkiehappy:

Hrm so I fell for a ruse like others. Whelp, goes to show I should always temper every expectation with a mound of salt.

Yeah, this. I have butted heads with Ice too, but considering we were right from the get go on that screenshot being fake, it shows how much we know our bud. Anyway, I'm just happy this has all been settled, and while I know Ice is still obviously upset and is mad in their comment here, I understand, I am however incredibly thankful for this, Tiddy.

I really am, Tiddy. I was just so upset, I felt so depressed after the anger because I like you as a friend. And while, as I said multiple times, it's gonna take time to build that trust back. I'm willing to do so. Because I value the friendship we had since we met last year, and I felt so much damn respect when you defended me back then. Not many have, and I have a lot of issues with people not being there for me. Kinda why I feel so depressed atm after all of this.

Again, thanks a bunch.

On the topic of character quality material, I was closing a bunch of tabs the other day and saw a blog comment chain in one. I re-read it but closed it because it hadn't been commented on recently. Ice Star was describing how he'd prefer a society in which psych evals (of some sort, I'm working from memory here not exact quote) were commonplace for a variety of contexts. But the main one being discussed was that they could be used to screen for pedo so that pedos could be detected early, separated from society, castrated, and so on. Also that friends and family of the pedo should get free therapy for having had to be in the pedo's presence.

Do you happen to remember this comment string and perhaps which blog that was in?

I feel like that's familiar. Was it uhh, in the same blog as this? (the embed may be blurry due to the size, opening it in a new tab will clear it up)
'Cause he really went all in on hounding TS in that blog. Also apparently 51 posts got deleted so the post # in that image is off by that much, it's #903 now.

Oh, you actually responded. Yes, you're stirring shit, you shit-stirrer. This is a blog where Titty apologizes about posting a fabricated screenshot that framed Ice Start for saying incredibly violent things (that could be seen as threats even), even genocidal things. And you, in your wisdom, took it upon yourself to let us all know that such a thing was totally believable, akshually! That you didn't doubt this borderline libelous falsehood because it isn't too far from the truth, according to you.

The screenshot was dead wrong, and we were completely right all along about it. If you were actually moving on, you wouldn't be here telling us about how you think Ice Star isn't much different from the fake shit used to condemn him.

Ouch. That one is pretty bad also.

If all this vitriol was directed at an actual child rapist I think we'd all be a lot more agreeable with Ice Star's attitude. Like, I get the feeling just about any community finding out that a member raped a child would eagerly seek justice. Some might behave as the fictional character from the screenshot and wish to personally end the monster and I think many people would look the other way when the law had something to say about that vigilantism.

But the big issue is that he broadly applies that label. And he wishes that vitriol be applied in full force towards everyone in his sights.

So forgive me if I'm struggling to empathize with the accidental terror he experienced. The worry he expressed about losing his social media account or friends. Considering the bile he spews constantly seeking those very things towards others because of his obsession.

He gets an apology because the picture wasn't him and that wasn't clear when it was posted. But Ice Star is definitely a pretty loathsome person and holds pretty close to that attitude.

The point of the blog wasn't "Man, look at this asshole. We should take action against him." Hell, most of us didn't realize who is was until one of those friends complained in public that it was Ice Star. The point of the blog was, "holy shit this attitude seems to have festered and grown in size. Heres some random idiot for an example."

If we just wanted to showcase how terrible a person Ice Star is, there's plenty of material to work with. But he's just one of many in this shitty cabal. The still-unamed senders of death threats to PC, the various folks coincidentally writing blogs condemning totally not her but folks like her.

But, no. Make one mistake and now the message is all about Ice Star and how he was wronged. That's far more important to pay attention to than the harassing pack of jackals intent on driving away everything and everyone they disagree with. Let's overlook lies and libel he's directed towards TS calling her nonce. The lengthy arguments he's made trying to convince others of his twisted bullshit views.

So, yeah. Oops. Accidentally believed a fake picture that turned the heat up one degree. Maybe two.

Wydril #49 · Jul 3rd, 2021 · · 7 ·


That you didn't doubt this borderline libelous falsehood because it isn't too far from the truth, according to you.

Well, that and the concrete evidence showing just a couple of Ice Star's previous posts here. But you can keep crying your crocodile tears about this while showing zero concern and empathy for an author who was driven to attempting suicide due to being on the receiving end of posts directly from Ice Star and others for a prolonged period of time, comprised of targeted harassment and death threats, which was the actual subject and point of the original blog. Move on and get over it.
There's just no winning with professional victims. I found it amazing in the last blog that Ice Star actually had the sheer gall to complain about someone else breaking the rules against him a single time, when he's constantly used them as nothing less than toilet paper for the last year and more when interacting with that same person, let alone everyone else.

Ice Star is pretty cringe. Though it was clear that image was faked. Anyone who argued that on the he's this calm and thoughtful debater though is retarded. As for his thoughts on pedos, I mean he's in a anti-pedophile group on this site where he reckons child molesters should be killed and pedos at the very least should be expelled and then given mental health treatment. Uhh based?

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