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  • Today
    This OST is actually making me cry

    For those of you who don’t know, this song is from the Sonic.EXE Friday Night Funkin’ mod, called “Triple Trouble”, revolving mostly around X using his victims, Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik from the Creepypasta universe.

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  • Thursday
    Mildly Infuriating

    Nothing infuriates me more than when my mom tries to use clever wordplay and it doesn’t even make sense but she acts hard anyways lol.

    “You saw a meme? Okay. Meme your ass outta here then.”

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  • Thursday
    An Intruder (Art)

    He actually looks soft as fuck wtf—

    Someone probably saw him and punched him in the nose. Can’t say whether or not he’s actually malicious.

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  • Thursday
    An intruder

    So I’ve been watching a lot of analog horror this year, and one thing I’ve grown attached to is a popular series called the “Mandela Catalogue”. Basically where aliens take the form of humans as “doppelgängers” and use psychological warfare to get people vulnerable. Basically like Birdbox.

    Two creatures from this series that I’m pretty interested in redrawing are:

    The intruder

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  • Wednesday
    And so it begins


    Better get destroying

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Forbidden Fruit · 5:51pm July 2nd

Griff ambled back into the shop after taking the trash out, not expecting to see his drunk ex boyfriend on the kitchen counter.

”...Dragon Fruit...” he let out a begrudging sigh. Dragon smirked and took a sloppy swig from his bottle of cheap liquor.

”Yooooou said my naaame...” the unicorn slurred, leaning back into the counter. However, he’d lost his balance and slipped onto the hard marble floor, causing numerous pots and pans to slide off the shelves and pile noisily all over the floor.

Griff gave an agitated groan and shuffled toward the drunken colt. ”Dragon, please—“

”—mmmmme. Hehee~” the umbrum gasped softly as the colt yanked him closer by his apron.

”D-Dragon, I could lose my job...”

However, not an ounce of pensiveness- only a pursed frown. ”Or...you could lose me again...”


Dragon smirked; he’d already given in. ”—or lose yourself in me...”

Griff let out a shaky breath before Dragon lunged for his prey.

And locked lips with him.

Flutterwings walked cautiously into the oddly quiet bakery, looking around. ”Errr...Griff...? I got you some Red Bull. The new dragon fruit flavor, just like you wanted, right...?” she slowly walked into the heart of the establishment, then glanced over at the counter.

Through the display case, she spotted Griff. And another colt...

”Wh—sis! he immediately shoved Dragon away, which caused him to look disappointed as his back hit the display case.

”Ugh, what gives...?”

”The innocence of my sister, he hissed. But as he turned to Flutterwings, he sighed. ”Sis? What is it?”

”Nothing, just...um...see ya!” and she dashed out of the bistro.

Griff groaned and laid flat on the floor.

Comments ( 22 )

Sounds about right

“…What the hay was that?”

*Picks up* it's okay



”Looks like I caught me a Griffffff...”

“Okay, Dragon, you can stop now.”

*takes another swig* “Stop whaa?”

Go home Dragon, you’re drunk

*Picks them both up and takes them home*

“That! You’ve had enough!”


”Buuuuut I think Griffy wants me t’stay...” *snickers*


“Here, Griff, lemme pull him off—” *grunting*

”Flutters, its—“

”Nu!!! Mine!!!”

“Come on, you gotta sober up!

*he takes another swig and spews it in her face, snickering* “Better?~”

”Here, let me help—“

”Mm, don’t worry, you can have the leftoverssss...”

*they lock lips again*

*sputtering and spitting* “Ah, pleh, gross!”

”Here have the rest of it...” *snickers as he shakes the bottle up, causing it to spray violently in her face*


“Gah! Okay, that’s it, I’m outta here!

*shoves him off and walks after her* “Flutterwings, I can help—“

“Just get me a towel please!”

”On it!” *rushes off*

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