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State of Address · 4:43pm July 2nd

Dear Bronies and Pegasisters,

Today marks the seven anniversary of writing fanfictions about magical pastel talking ponies. I want to write this to both reflect on how far I've come and how far there is still to go for me. As well as to address a few things that I feel my readers should be aware of.

As of July 2, 2021, I currently have a total of 92 stories. A collection that contains 2,146,367 words. Among these, 82 have been completed. Eight are incomplete. One is labeled as hiatus. And one is considered canceled. These include 29 that are rated Everyone, 55 are rated Teen, and eight that are rated Mature. Currently, there are 715 people who follow me.

Of course, I am counting my blessings here as I have been earning an audience through merit alone. I can look back with pride that in these seven years, I was able to accomplish this much. With some of my stories that got featured to pulling off stuff that I would have thought would have been impossible. From laying out useful philosophy in plain English to co-writing with one of the authors on FIMFiction that I respect - Rated Ponystar. I still stand by the fact that thanks to these seven years, I was able to grow as a writer, and was able to take on some lessons from this that have affected how I write my college papers.

Not only that, but I'm proud of the fact that I have kept my promise to my readers that I will never use my position to beg for money. And despite all my ups and downs, I stay true to that so I could be free to write what I want without worrying over financial issues. I what to reiterate that I will continue my promise that as long as I'm still writing, I will never ask for a penny from my audience.

Now, before I talk about what I'm planning on doing in the near future, as well as the state for some of my stories that are in development. As well as to be clear on what is going on in my life currently that many of you should be made aware of.

Last year I have finally earned my Associates's Degree for my general education in college. However, due to the pandemic that shut everything down, I was forced out of my safety and health to take a leave of absence until things calmed down. Not only that, but I had to transfer to a new college due to the fact that the one I was attending couldn't provide what I was looking for. Though there were some miscommunications, as of this year, I have successfully transferred back to attend Idaho State University. To make a long story short, in order to keep myself in good standings both with the school and with Vocational Rehab, I have to take classes in the summer so that by next year, I could go back with my usual schedule of autumn and spring while having a break for the summer. Plus, to do so safely, I found it prudent to take those classes online, in hopes that by the time they finish, I could attend classes in person safely. Fortunately, as long as I stay on top of my lessons and such, I should still have time to focus on writing.

At the same time, I want to take this opportunity to write up what's been going on. Lately, I've recognized that I have been posting new chapters and stories less and less. No doubt there are some of you out there that might be wondering how come I haven't produced as much as I have in the past. First off, don't worry, I'm not planning to abandon the fandom anytime soon. And secondly, the truth of the matter is that I've found myself being overwhelmed with a gigantic laundry list of things that I have agreed to take on. Not just having to run errands for my family or have to take some time for my classes either, but there are other factors as well. With Rated Ponystar, on top of the collaboration on a few stories, including the "Love After Life" fic, and is interested in the possibility of releasing a few one-shots in the future. In fact, we're planning to write up a story that's outside of MLP, an alternative universe for Helluva Boss. Do keep in mind, I don't know when we'll do this, but hopefully, it'll turn out well.

I confess that given that there are ten stories (eleven really but I'll get to that) where I haven't exactly touched in a while. Originally last year, I was hoping to go back on these stories, to work on them so I could complete them. I was even planning on attempting to rewrite "Friends and Fairytales." However, it's obvious that didn't exactly happen since there were other stories I and Ponystar wanted to write. By the looks of things, it seems that it's going to take a long while until I could finally get around to finishing those stories. And I hate to do this but since there are ten stories that I haven't gotten around to, it has left me with no choice. With the exception of "Rule of Three" and "Love After Life," all stories that are incomplete would be given a hiatus status until I get around to them.

But what about the future? What is going on from here? Well obviously I will have to reserve some time to focus on my studies, I will do what I can to continue as much as I can. So please expect that there'll be fewer updates for now.

With "Love After Life," I do want to reiterate that the story has been all written up, but it still needs to be polished up by our two editors first. I don't know when Chapter 5 will be coming out, but I promise that you'll be seeing what happens next soon.

"Rule of Three" will be finished with one last chapter that I'm slowly working on. But I don't know how soon that would be coming out.

And finally, Lilrq28 has asked me to do a story based on Blueblood. It has been on the backburner for a while so I'm finally getting around to work on it. I think by around early, mid-July you'll be seeing the first chapter to come out.

Yes, I may feel overworked and overwhelmed at times, but I am not by any means giving up. It's true that I've come a long way, but I still have plenty of ways to go.

Here's to a more productive year.

Signed, your fellow writer and Brony,

- CrackedInkWell.

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Hope this year is a nice one. :)

Congrats on the degree and your progress! :pinkiehappy:

Congrats on the degree!

To the author - omg i thought you were leaving the fandom by reading 'state of address'!
but it's not that just an update on your professional & personal life...what a relief­čśů

p.s: btw don't remember if i have already mentioned my 'laptop' situation to you or not:unsuresweetie:
it's still in very slow progress!

message written out on july 2nd, 2021

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