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TittySparkles is pretty based, writes great porn that I can rub one off to on a weekly basis, and she has no problem telling societies leftie rejects to fuck off. - Anonymous

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Imagining thinking fanfiction stories equal real life. · 6:25pm Jul 1st, 2021

Imagine being a delusional person who actually believes this and doesn't understand the basic concept of fanfiction in itself.

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You mean I can't shoot rainbow lasers with the power of friendship?:fluttershbad:

Bendy #2 · Jul 1st, 2021 · · ·

If the multiverse theory is true... then it may be real. Cartoon horses will invade Earth and demand us to get rid of certain stories. There are certain stories I do not like on Fimfiction, but I have the amazing ability not to read them.

However, I foresee certain stories eventually will be banned. These stories will just move to somewhere else.

Wish my subconscious brain knew the difference between negative thoughts and reality like that too.

Sometimes it almost feels as if what I choose to dwell on repeatedly starts to make up my reality... but I could probably just stop it, silly me. I'm smarter than that.

I wish I was a pony :ajsleepy:

this has nothing to do with the blog above, but I thought I'd just drop this here. My interactive pony said "Do you want to come inside" and "10 seconds flat" consecutively, and I thought I'd just take it out of context.

Do you mean to say none of these things happened to our little pony friends?

...are our little pony friends even real?!


Ah yes, the moral busybodies of the fiction effect reality types.
They are indeed stupid and should be mocked for thinking that being angry over fictional works that they find abhorrent does not make a moral crusade.
Unless they WANT to be like the satanic panic of the 80s?

Aaawn... You mean that my story about two legally adult and married griffons having sex didn't cause real life griffons to have good married sex? :fluttercry:

Maybe you can't.

It’s almost like some people have this incredible ability to not read something they know they won’t fucking like

I seriously don’t get it. There’s a lot of fanfics that don’t interest me, yet I don’t go and harass the writer or anyone who does like to read or write them. For example, super grim dark stuff isn’t my taste. And that’s fine. Just like I’m into futa clop and others don’t like that, that’s fine as well. Same goes for every single little subgrenre of fanfiction. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, let’s just accept them and each other instead of hating. Hate didn’t start this fandom, and it has no business being here.

The saddened state of readers who have a victim mentality and want to be offended at everything they see.

In the words of some quote I saw one time:
“You found it offensive, I found it funny, that’s why I’m happier than you”

I like to think of these situations as a white person saying the n word with the hard R, it’s better to walk away, but when you charge at him and beat the shit out of him with sticks, your the one that looks like the asshole

Sadly, we live in a world where it's fashionable to be offended.

I can get you some brownies that'll make you think you can :trollestia:

I have that on a tee shirt.

I'd be inclined to not believe you if I wasn't already aware of this fact. But like Bendy previously said, Multiverse Theory.

Wydril #20 · Jul 1st, 2021 · · 1 ·

An author was driven to attempting suicide due to targeted and prolonged harassment by social justice warriors, and posted a suicide note stating such. Although the specifics of the ending aren't known, people here were able to dig up that author's location and address and contacted the police with a screenshot of the suicide note. The police went to the author's home on a wellness check. An hour or two later we received confirmation that the author was still alive.

The relevance to the site is that a specific outspoken group, generally the hateful ones intent on censoring and destroying everyone they dislike while using divide&conquer tactics on the userbase as a whole, are celebrating the event and pushing for more. Their justification is that the author wrote something that would be illegal if it took place in real life, and thus the author should be censored and destroyed. This is obviously an unsupported conclusion used as an excuse by worthless busybodies who have never faced adversity or hardship in their lives and thus seek it out in any form they can imagine to "overcome" it. Much moral posturing often ensues, and the "martyrs" who are told to fuck off are currently going to Offprint to lament how evil and terrible MLP in general and Fimfiction specifically have become.

They will not be missed.

Additionally, there is some kind of cyclic irony taking place here. Practically to the day a year ago, Tiddy made this blog. I guess summer is just when this really ramps up?


I guess summer is just when this really ramps up?

School's out, and the teachers/profs aren't telling them what to be outraged about this week, so they just pick something.

Ouch. That's fucked up.

Yeah it's kind of weird. It's like some people not being able to disassociate actors from their roles. Not liking Mark Hamill's politics isn't going to stop me from enjoying Return of the Jedi. And it's like people can't really get either that you can write something, whether a character or entire story, that you may not even personally agree with. And you can certainly enjoy something that doesn't entirely mesh with your politics or beliefs either. Stories are stories and reality is reality.

YES. Thank you!

I don’t understand the context

Ya welcome to era of nimrods and nincompoops

Where thinking fiction is reality and trying to force that on everyone else, where being triggered over everything is the hip and popular thing to do

Honestly? Let them baby rage on that site Offprint, im just gonna go back to enjoying the stories and clop, literally my sole reason for even coming to this site.

The most precious part about the whole ordeal? The story was rated 'E'! :rainbowlaugh:

And I thought it was bad when they were going after 'Goblin Slayer'. :twilightangry2:

Words are words. You fight words with words.
Violence is an action, not a speech.


Even if those words are commands, or interpreted as such?

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